Right now, I'm sitting giving birth to a bunch of brown babies and immediately drowning them. And, I have to say, this riveting experience of me having my arse on the toilet has been more engaging and fun than this place of late. So, I've had enough.

You can thank the spineless cowards who hide away on the Discord with delusions of grandeur who think they're an important asset to the community, except they're as important to the community as Michael Jackson's or Jimmy Savile's presence at a nursery school.

Will I switch the forums back on at some point? Who knows. Maybe after I wipe my arse I'll get round to it. Or, I'll find something more entertaining to do instead, like watch grass grow. After all, my life isn't so pathetic and meaningless that I have to rely on the Sonic hacking community to be my social crutch.

Doran says "Hi!", btw.