Where I got the idea for the name "Sonic Stuff"?

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    Jul 7, 2016
    Ever wondered where I got the idea to name the site "Sonic Stuff", which obviously later became "Sonic Stuff Research Group"?

    As you may know, SSRG started as a sub-section on Emulation Zone. It housed a bunch of Sonic the Hedge game related info, like info on hidden text showing the names of the staff that produced Sonic 1, or the S&K lock-on the hacking guide. It was a bunch of seemingly random stuff related to Sonic, but Sonic ROM hacking wasn't really a thing yet, so I struggled to come-up with a good name.

    In my area there used to be a sports clothing appear shop named "Sports Stuff". They used to advertise heavily on TV back in the day. I guess after watching on of their ads, I settled on "Sonic Stuff" one evening and ran with it.

    I drove by the old location earlier this year and notice they are closed. Today they are now a Mobile Phone Shop. (T-mobile I believe.) Anyhow, here is a photo I managed to take earlier this year. Ya, the traffic light is blocking the sign, but you can tell what it says.

    Fun trivia for you all. :)

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