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  1. Spanner added a post in a topic: (Simple Tutorial) (Sonic 1) How to change how many lives Sonic will start [GitHub Version]   

    This is absolutely stupid. Someone tell me why we need a guide on a simple value change?
    All this does is turn people away from hacking because of the amount of spoon feeding that happens.
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  2. Spanner added a post in a topic: Sonic Hacking Contest 2015   

    Due to being informed that the completion of the website will not be done in time for the deadline, the contest has been extended once again. Submissions in by Sunday 6th September. Updates in by Sunday 13th September. Contest Week from Monday 21st to Sunday 27th September.
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  3. Spanner added a post in a topic: Sonic Hacking Contest 2015   

    ​Something you can actually play the game with. If you submit a ROM that redirects to the SEGA screen after pressing start on the title screen (like someone did a few years ago which did not please anyone), it's not getting accepted.
    If you feel it is not good yet for a public release then at least let the judges play it as a partial private entry.
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  4. Spanner added a post in a topic: Sonic Hacking Contest 2015   

    Submissions in by Sunday 9th August 2015.
    Updates in by Sunday 16th August 2015
    As you may be aware, the contest website where submissions are made as well as downloading and voting for the Contest Week among other things has been in the process of being worked on. Usually, we have submissions open by now, but this has not been the case as Cinossu who is the web developer has had plenty on his plate to deal with outside of the contest site, and so work has been slower than usual.
    To accommodate for this inconvenience, the contest deadline has been extended by another week, meaning you all have extra time to get a submission sorted.
    The submissions deadline means that you must have a playable build to be submitted to the contest site whilst the updates deadline gives you an additional week to fix any bugs or improve the entry overall. After that deadline is over, the judges will look at the submissions and vote on trophies accordingly. If you don't submit by the 9th from when the site is open for submissions then you are not in the contest.
    As mentioned before in the thread, prepare what you will have on your submission page such as entry information, screenshots, videos and a playable build of your entry that has not been submitted before in its current form to the contest. The contest week remains at the current date of starting on Monday 24th and ending on Sunday 30th. There will be plenty of oppertunities to get involved with various means during the week. Judges must have completed their judging by the end of Saturday 29th meaning that results can be announced on the Sunday without any delays.
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  5. Spanner added a post in a topic: Sonic Hacking Contest 2015   

    ​You would be able to submit before the 2nd, providing the site works.
    There will be an announcement concerning the contest deadlines shortly.
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  6. Spanner added a post in a topic: Upgraded to Community Suite 4.0.4   

    ​Didn't you ask for it to be removed?
    Also something looks different now...
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  7. Spanner added a post in a topic: Not being able to log in "anonymously"?   

    ​You are at work.
    If you're that desperate to view SSRG outside of your home get yourself a phone with internet access.
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  8. Spanner added a post in a topic: Sonic Hacking Contest 2015   

    Just a reminder of this year's deadline for submissions.
    The submissions deadline for entries will be Sunday 2nd August where you must submit a playable build by then to the contest site in order for it to be entered.  
    You then have a week to refine your entry, fix any issues found and improve your hack which will be Sunday 9th August 2015.
    The Contest Week where the results will be announced somehow at the end of the week in some shape or form will start from Monday 24th August to Sunday 30th August. More details on that week in the next few weeks.
    Obviously the site isn't up yet but it should be up in good time before the deadline. If there is still an issue with the site then if we need to extend the deadline to accommodate this, then it may be looked at.
    So, you have plenty of time to get a submission made. Don't think you'll get something done in time? Consider making a mini-hack that could still have good playability value, or even just hold off on this year and look at the 2016 Contest. Don't submit an entry that hasn't been changed in years and has already been submitted to previous contests because it's just not worth it at the end of the day. You've had plenty of notice for this contest so there's still time to do something about it.
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  9. Spanner added a post in a topic: Upgrade Bug Reports   

    Are URL based avatars done by another plugin that needs to be added?
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  10. Spanner added a post in a topic: Upgrade Bug Reports   

    Staff Online seems fucked as I only see admins show up and not mods.
    Also Ordos when you make the new theme, can you colour code usernames again?
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  11. Spanner added a post in a topic: Issue concerning account status   

    Blazefirelp is a different person entirely.
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  12. Spanner added a post in a topic: Upgrade Bug Reports   

    Put them in here so we know what we need to be looking at over the next few days.
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  13. Spanner added a post in a topic: Upgraded to Community Suite 4.0.4   

    Added a few missing things back such as the user list and other things. Ordos, that shit can be accessed by the little box on the left side of the screen.
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  14. Spanner added a post in a topic: UK General Election 2015   

    If I see you post about Chuckles again you won't even have any more trial posts left and you won't be getting approved.
    So yeah, shut the fuck up as you're annoying practically everyone on here.
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  15. Spanner added a post in a topic: UK General Election 2015   

    Well I'm very disappointed that many are siding with the SNP, a party who only care about breaking up the UK, as well as silently passing legislation such as the draconian Named Person Scheme that gives every child a state appointed guardian among others. I generally think a lot of these SNP votes are blind to the fact that these evil laws are being introduced...if the SNP / Labour pact was possible (which thankfully it won't be), they would encourage this to be made law throughout the United Kingdom. Now Alex Salmond and the rest will be kicking up fuck to have another referendum on Scottish independence that nobody wants, and they will keep on having them until they get their way and change their masters from Westminster to Brussells because to them independence means bending over for the European Union and the unelected Germans that take away many countries powers and gives them law to enact, thinking that a one size fits all policy just works. Well, it doesn't!

    I'm not too fussed with the Conservatives returning to power, we just need to see how they will govern and how long David Cameron will lead before Boris Johnson or someone takes his place. Labour is fucked under Ed Miliband and no doubt he will be ousted as leader very shortly. Clegg of the Liberal Democrats will probably be given his walking papers too, and if Nigel Farage does not win his South Thanet seat he will be resigning as UKIP leader and we will probably be seeing Douglas Carswell in charge there. Nothing ends tonight, because there's going to be plenty of things going on in the months to come.

    To end this post, here's a picture of Boris Johnson with various men in hats. Because clearly Uxbridge has a thing for hats.

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