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Sonic NaoSI

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Sonic NaoSI v. 1.5

454ade56d2b2t.jpg 1157a1c204a0t.jpg c308b527750dt.jpg 29fe8871dc58t.jpg

-Game translated into russian;

-New Title Cards font;

-New HUD (from Sonic 3);

-New palette;

-New Credits font (from Sonic 2);

-New Sega Screen;

-New Level Select Code (Up, A+START);

-REV01 Background Effects;

-Added Press Start Button text, translated into russian;

-Spindash (Sonic 1 Hacking Studio)

-Jump Dash (by Vladikcomper);

-Deleted Spike Bug (S1HS);

-Monitors sprites from Sonic 3;

-Sonic sprite from Sonic 3;

-12 hits on the boss (S1HS);

-Fixed Walk-Jump Bug (by Cinossu);

-Deleted Speed Cap (by Tweaker & Puto);

-Level Select from Sonic 2 (by Esrael), translated into russian;

-Air Roll (by Tails X-Doll);

-New music (1 song per act, 1 song per boss, 1 song per special stage);

-New Sounds;

-Changed GHZ level layout (Doctor Robotnik);

-jman's Sound Driver;



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