An easier method to replace the SEGA chant in your hack.

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    As stated above, this is the method for replacing the SEGA chant I have used for my upcoming hack Sonic Maxidrive.

    To start off, open up Audacity. Then import the bin file that contains the SEGA PCM under the Import - Raw Data option, with the following settings:
    If successful, the raw sound can be played in the app. Place the new sound effect in the project, change its rate to 16000 Hz and apply enough speed changes to compensate. The project rate has to match. You will need to amplify the new sound until its volume matches the original sound.

    When the replacement is done, export the sound under other uncompressed files with a RAW header with the unsigned 8-bit PCM encoding. After the exporting is finished, change the RAW extension to BIN when viewing the file in your file browser.
    Delete the original BIN file in your disassembly and replace it with the new BIN. The filename HAS to be the same as the original. That filename itself depends on what disassembly you're using. Build the rom and you'll be able to hear it in action!

    If the sound appears slow, you did not change the replacement sound's Hz rate during the operation.
    If you hear static in the sound when playing the rom, here's a tutorial by Puto:

    Fortunately, this problem doesn't exist when changing the sound in either Sonic 2 or 3 and Knuckles, so don't worry.
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