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    Jun 27, 2009
    Hello all, happy new year~

    I'm releasing a tool here for Bitmap to Mega Drive graphics conversion, rather than share a bulky post of large text I thought it would be cool to share a video of it in action and all the details required there. I feel you're less likely to dismiss the tool this way.

    You can skip to 6:02 if you just want to see the tool in action and how to use it, much of the beginning is merely a history/back-story:


    Also, here is an image of the Mega Drives' full palette capabilities (for those interested).

    Special thanks to Natsumi for providing feedback and ideas.

    If you have any issues with running the tool, do let me know, while I cannot promise a solution or fix, it will at least make me aware of the problem so I can do some research into ways of fixing it for future projects. Please supply what operating system you are running under though.