Improved SMPS Midi Driver

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    Update: Here's the source files if you want them:
    *You'll need Visual Studio 2019 for the Driver and Visual Basic 6 for the Config Tool.

    Here is an improved version of Valleybell's SMPS Midi Driver. It includes the follow upgrades...

    *Support for 32 Bit and 64 Bit applications (Previously the Driver only came with a 32 Bit Dll)
    *Support for separate DAC Base Rate and Rate Divider for PCM (Useful for MegaPCM) (Check below for details)
    *Support for the YM2612's "Ladder Effect" (Check below for explanation and how to configure it)
    *Slight updates to the sound chip emulators (Slightly increased accuracy)

    How to Install:
    *I'd recommend uninstalling the Driver you already have first before installing the new one.

    If you have a 32 Bit OS, place the Dlls in the 32 Bit Folder into System32.

    If you have a 64 Bit OS, place the Dlls in the 64 Bit Folder into System32 and place the Dlls in the 32 Bit Folder into SysWOW64.

    *Remember System32 and SysWOW64 should be in your Windows Folder.

    Once you've done that use the Config Tool to install.

    Configuring the DAC.ini file for Separate PCM playback rate:
    In your DAC.ini file you will likely see something like this:

    BaseRate = 275350   ;These values are for Stock MegaPCM DPCM but they will be
    RateDiv = 7.62   ;different if you are using another DAC driver

    To set a playback rate for PCM, add these values below them:

    PCM_BaseRate = 275350   ;These values are for Stock MegaPCM PCM but they will be
    PCM_RateDiv = 8.54   ;different if you are using another DAC driver

    That's It!

    *Each DAC Driver has its own unique Rate and Divider so be sure to find your specific drivers values.
    *This will break compatibility with SMPSPlay so I recommend having two separate DAC.ini files for each.

    The YM2612's "Ladder Effect" and how to enable it:
    To simplify things I will say this: There are two FM sound chips that can be found in the Sega Genesis, Early Models had the YM2612 and Later Models had a revised YM2612 called the YM3438. Most Emulators only emulate the YM3438 while some have the option to switch to the YM2612. There are numerous differences between the two chips but the most significant one is the sound production. Listen to these two clips and see if you notice the difference.

    Notice how with the YM2612, the notes kinda trail off and is overall more noisy than the YM3438. This has been dubbed the "Ladder Effect". If you want to know more about this subject I suggest searching up on google as there is plenty of information out there about it.

    If you want this feature on, you'll have to use the new Config Tool I've provided. It has a option called "YM2612", simply click on it and install, then you're ready to go!

    That's all. If you have any questions or problems feel free to report them. Enjoy!
    Credit to ValleyBell for giving me permission to release this and for his original driver.

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