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  1. MainMemory

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    Mar 29, 2011
    Note: This mod requires Mania Mod Loader, which currently requires an older version of the game.

    This mod takes the SMPS music engine made for S&KC and implements it into Sonic Mania as a replacement for its OGG music playback, which is no small feat considering I barely understand anything about how the music playback works. You won't know it from the git log, but it took me quite a few tries before I got something that didn't crash, and then a few more changes to get everything working properly.

    The mod is fully customizable, with config.ini allowing you to choose which SMPS songs go with which of Mania's songs. You may wish to use the SMPSTempo program to listen to each of the available tracks. Custom music is supported, and the mod comes with one such song by default, so it should be pretty simple to figure out.

    You can download the mod on GitHub here, and the source code is available here. Note that the mod itself requires the Visual C++ 2017 x86 redist, while the SMPS engine requires the Visual C++ 2013 x86 redist.

    You may now use the rest of this thread to complain about the default music selection and/or organize a project to recreate the whole soundtrack in SMPS.
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  2. Royameadow

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    Feb 21, 2012
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    Glad to see my wonders about this become a reality, it's definitely very nice to know how well this works, certain fade transitions for some of the tracks and even the proper timing on the Blue Sphere track's speedup, among others, really translated very greatly, I could only imagine what more could be done with this over time.
    While it's on the mind, considering this is the first major mod to utilize a driver that is primarily made to play FM Music, it truly does give me some questions on how we could expand upon the engine, so that we could have more liberties than we currently have with it; those are listed below:

    ~ Will we (eventually) be able to expand the engine to utilize other drivers, such as GEMS, Echo, Lisa Ching/Chang's RBI Baseball III to '93 driver, Rob Hubbard's Electronic Arts driver, or Tengen's Marble Madness driver, among others?
    ~ Although the Blue Sphere stages seem to utilize proper Tempo Control, do we have the capability to rise and decrease the pitch in the same manner?
    ~ Would it be possible to expand the engine to have musical liberties similar to that of the Sega Saturn, which had both its own MIDI~esque sound driver/engine and an FM unit that did virtually Arcade/Console Perfect emulation of the YM2151, YM2413, YM2612, and YM3438, among the rest that it could do?
    ~ Similar to most modern incarnations of Gens and Gens/GS, would it be possible to have the Square Wave audio for the PSG be switched to Triangle or Sine Wave; if this engine will eventually be compatible for Sound Effects as well, would it be possible to expand such a functionality to that too?
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