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    I've seen a lot of people complaining about video artifacts in videos recorded with Fusion's built-in AVI logging and uploaded to YouTube. The problem isn't that Fusion's recorder doesn't work, it's that YouTube doesn't properly support the codec it uses. In fact, if you read the manual, it specifically says:
    So, let's do just that, and while we're at it, let's upscale it to 720p so YouTube will play it back at 60fps, and so that YouTube's compression won't wreck the video as much.
    First off, you will need to install the x264vfw codec, then VirtualDub (probably the 32-bit version).
    Now, take your recorded avi file, and open it in VirtualDub, it should look something like this:
    From here you can perform various edits that I won't be getting into. What I will get into, is resizing the video. For me, Fusion always records at 640x480 (2x native), so to upscale to 960x720 (3x native), we first have to downscale to 320x240 (1x native) so we get a clean upscale. So go to Video -> Filters (Ctrl+F), Add, resize, then set it up for 320x240 (50%) and Nearest neighbor, like so:
    Now, you can add another resize filter with the size set to 960x720 (300%). You can go higher, but none of the other standard resolutions map cleanly to multiples of 240. Adding a letterbox to make it widescreen generally isn't worth it, it just increases the video's size and YouTube can handle that automatically anyway. Your filters should look like this:
    If you want to apply any other filters, they should go after the first resize or after both resizes.
    Now go to Video -> Compression (Ctrl+P), and select x264fvw. You may want to click the Configure button to adjust the quality and compression speed, I have it set up like this:
    Now, make sure "Full processing mode" is selected in the Video menu, and you can begin the encoding process with File -> Save as AVI (F7). Make sure you save with a different name than the original file. Once that's finished, you should have a second avi file which will be much larger than the original, and you can upload that to YouTube.
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    Thanks man! I always had problems when recording gameplays.
    And well, I HAD! :v

    Btw the SMPS of gigapolis in your hack is so good! Sometimes I even listen to it while making sprites.