SMPS/"SOUND-SOURCE" Source Code, Documents, and More

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    Aug 26, 2013
    Courtesy of The Video Game Preservation Society and Hidden Palace, the floppy disks containing source code (68000+Z80 and Z80), documentation, and other thing related to SMPS (officially called "SOUND-SOURCE") was finally dumped and put online. See the article for more information.
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    Nice, it's only taken over 30 years!! My props to those involved in obtaining these~

    Also, the English translation of the manual was intentionally missing this:


    "This is a test register. Not used in user applications."

    Hehehe, they knew it was there but was told not to use it~ d;

    I say as a potential project, someone should go through and translate all of these pages 1:1 to English, because clearly there's information that's been mistranslated or outright not included in the English versions of the documents.
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