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    Have you ever wanted to put in a CD while playing Sonic 1? Whether it be just to have it just playing in the background or you wanted to change the level music to whatever you like?

    Then, you've come to the right place! In this proof of concept hack, you can put in a CD of your choice and you'll be able to choose from two modes:

    1) Full CD mode, which plays the whole CD through while you play.
    2) Selection mode, which selects a CD track for each piece of music in Sonic 1.

    This hack uses Sega CD mode 1 to pull this off. Here's how you can set it up:

    On hardware:
    This requires you to own a Sega CD. Basically, just run in Sonic 1 CDDA through the cartirdge slot (with a flash cart or something) and put your CD of choice in the Sega CD, and you should be all set.

    On Kega Fusion:
    Before you can run this, make sure that in Fusion.ini in your Kega Fusion folder, you have this line:


    This line will allow Kega Fusion to use Sega CD mode 1.

    Make sure that in the options, you have also set your CD drive. Once that's ensured, load the ROM, and then put in your CD of choice and press Ctrl+B...


    You can load a CUE file (in the same folder as your music) that contains the music information once the ROM is loaded (as a Sega CD ROM).

    As for other emulators, we know Genesis Plus GX supports Mode 1, but I don't know how it's set up yet. If anyone who knows can notify me, that would be great.

    Programming - Novedicus
    Additional art and music - BinBowie
    Additional music - LuigiXHero

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    How is this rom supposed to work? I'm following the instructions for the CUE file method (as the music I want to hear is not on disc), bur it either comes with failed to initialize, or a cd player.
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    Aug 26, 2013
    Is "CartBootEnabled" set?