Sonic 1 on the Super Nintendo

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    Aug 7, 2019
    I'm surprised we didn't get a discussion about this here. This is Sonic 1 on the SNES created by TiagoSC.

    It doesn't look like the original as there are some sacrifices due to it being in early stages but here are the noteworthy things I've found in the video:

    • The parallax scrolling is different comparing to the REV01 revision.
    • There are more colours in the sky, likely to show how much colours the SNES can show comparing to the Mega Drive
    • The camera doesn't show Sonic in the centre (likely due to the resolution of the SNES)
    • The music, while being a nice remix, is using XM tracker format rather than Amiga or PC.
    • The palette is slightly different comparing to the original
    • There are some slowdown in the game due to the CPU in the SNES being slow comparing to the Mega Drive (Motorola 6800 (Mega Drive) - 7.6MHz, Ricoh 5A22 (SNES) - 3.58 MHz)
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