Sonic 2 Encore Release

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    Sonic 2 Encore

    The goal of this hack is to give Sonic 2 a new level of replayability, as such, what I've changed from the base game is the palettes in each zone, modified most layouts to add new paths and fix any oversights found in the original game, modified most of the monitors to contain different stuff, added SK style ducking and Sonic CD style roll jump behavior, and fixed pretty much all of the bugs that are covered in guides.
    I started this project last month because I was playing Sonic 2 so much that I wanted an improved experience, so this is the outcome.

    Guide Bug Fixes and Design Choice Changes:
    Demo Playback Fix and PLC Race Condition Fix: FraGag
    Super Sonic Bug Fixes, Roll Jump Height Fix, Jump Height Bug Fix When Leaving Water, Tails Camera Y Position Fix, OOZ Launcher Speed Up Glitch Fix, ARZ Boss Air Walk Glitch Fix, and Collide With Water After Being Hurt: MoDule
    DEZ Eggrobo Boss Collision Fix, Screen Boundary Spindash Fix, and HTZ BG Scrolling Mountains Fix: Flamewing
    Drowning Bug Fixes, Tails Sub-Animation Fix, Tails Respawn Speed Fix, Accidental Deletion of Scattered Rings Fix, Ring Timers Fix, Rexon Crash Fix, Monitor Collision Bug Fix, Multiple CNZ Boss Bug Fixes, ARZ Boss Sprite Behavior Fix, Scattered Rings Underwater Physics, and ObjectMove subroutines improvement: redhotsonic
    EHZ Deformation Bug Fix: qiuu
    Many Boss Bug Fixes: redhotsonic, Esrael, and MoDule
    Debug Mode Crash Bug Fix: Shadow05
    Level Select Fixes and Improved Debug Mode: ADudeCalledLeo

    SonLVL: MainMemory
    Flex 2: snkenjoi


    ROM Download:

    Oh yeah, I changed the cheats
    Level Select: 6, B, 4, 5
    Continues: 2, E, 7, 9
    Debug Mode: 20, 19, 8, 1
    Super Sonic: 20, 21, 10, 23
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    Good initiative, but the Encore Mode in Sonic Mania also modify enemy positions, certain level behaviors and it also changes the level layouts a bit. Your hack isn't doing it yet. Although I like the changed palettes and most of the item modifications in fact changed a bit of the gameplay experience, but not too much. If I was you, I'd attempt to these other details for a next version of the hack. I know you can do more than this. It's a interesting work, though.
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    I'm liking the encore palettes, although as EMK-20218 stated, I didn't notice a whole lot of layout changes aside from a few and couple of extra pathways. I would also like to state that Mania's Encore Mode also had some gameplay changes as well, such as the removal of the lives system and the tag team gimmick. While I like the addition of being able to change direction while jumping from an angle/spindash in midair, but I think you could still add some sort of addition gameplay changes like new monitor powerups or how bosses handle for instance. It's still nice start, and I'm interested to see more from this project.