Sonic 2 SMS Title Screen mappings format

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    Now, this is not a guide per se, because I don't have the time to make a good guide. However, the information presented in these notes may be useful for you, so it doesn't hurt to just post my notes here. Good luck I guess :V


    Only the small area in the middle of the screen is properly editable, it's 20x18 tiles in size. Tile mappings are in /mappings/intro_title/mappings_title.bin Open them in the hex editor of choice.

    There are 360 tiles in the whole file. Each one is represented like this:

    TT MM

    TT is the tile's id in hex. You can find a list of tiles by opening them in Aspect Edit.
    MM is the tile's orientation. 01 -- normal, 03 -- Xflip, 05 -- Yflip, 07 -- XYflip. Everything else makes the tile appear blank.

    • moving parts of the title screen are sprites
    • leave the first row of tiles blank (UNLESS YOU'RE GOING TO DISABLE "PRESS START" FLASHING)
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    Tossed this into Discussion and Q&A because it's more fitting as general knowledge. Still a good topic tho.
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    This was so helpful for me. Even if Sonic Project Aspect is being MAJORLY restructured (with a dumb side project of mystery), and no longer having time travel due to being too ambitious, I am still very hopeful of it being a major graphical marvel. I will likely move it to Sonic Chaos's engine whem a full disassembly is made of said game.
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