Sonic 3 and Knuckles Tag Team

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    The aim of this hack is to be a tag team for Sonic 3 and Knuckles (similar to the tag team gimmick from Sonic Mania's encore mode), where the player has the ability to swap between two players with the press of a button.

    - New menu with save feature
    - Pause menu with minor functions
    - Tag team gimmick with ability to swap partner
    - Option to change controls for A, B, C buttons
    - Changed Death functionality
    - The freedom to explore Sonic's or Knuckles' paths in levels with any character
    - Player 2 can full have full interaction with the game
    - New villain character added (Nack the Weasel)

    Some Rules Changes to the Game
    - In order to access a Special Stage you need 50 Rings or more when hitting a checkpoint or walking near a SS Ring Portal
    - Your ring counter drains each second you are in a Special Stage, and once it reaches zero you are kicked out of a Special Stage

    Additional info to gameplay mechanics
    - When you die, you will immediately swap to your partner if he is alive
    - Your partner will spawn back to you within 7-8 seconds after death

    Tools Used

    - SonMapED
    - JMan's Sonic 1 Sound Compressor

    Credits and Special Thanks
    Xenowhirl - SonMapEd
    Flamewing - The improved S3k Sound Driver
    Jman - Sonic 1 Sound Compressor
    ValleyBell- The SFX and Music Rips from SCD and KC
    AkumaTH, Cyclone, DemonEchidna, Dolphman, Domenico, FireX, Ground the Fox, Nash the Mutt, NinjaRaccoon, Nintendo_6444, Satoh, St. Thunder - The ultimate S3K Sonic Sprite Sheet
    Techokami and Doc Melonhead - Sonic 3 and Knuckles custom monitor expansion sprite sheet from Spriter's Resource
    Sliverbolt - The custom Sonic 3 version of Nack/Fang sprite sheet from Spriter's Resource


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