Sonic Hacking Contest 2017 RESULTS

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  1. Clownacy

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    Aug 15, 2014
    Just to add some context to my evaluations, here's the order I judged the entries in:
    • Sonic Chaos Quest Ultimate
    • Sonic 1: Colors Edition (SHC2017 Demo)
    • Sonic Double Dash
    • Sonic & Ashuro
    • SADX Lantern Engine
    • Achi (AKA another trend in gaming that is slightly annoying and ultimately pointless)
    • Sonic 1 - Comet Edition v2.1
    • Mr. Cat's 16 day challenge!
    • A Rushed Sonic Hack
    • Sonic 1 Dragon Edition
    • Sonic 3 Chaos Adventure
    • Sonic Legacy
    • Classic Pantufa the Cat DX
    • Sonic 2: Zen Island
    • A generic Sonic 1 ROMhack
    • Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - DX Edition
    • Heroes Mod Loader & Tweakbox (Tech Demo)
    • Sonic Redux (Character Demo)
    • Tails Adventure X-L
    • Metal Sonic Rebooted
    • Sonic Egg Factory ReMastered
    • Sonic 1 Back to South Island (SHC17 Demo)
    • Sonic Halloween
    I used a random number generator to select which hack to judge next. The idea is that, in my experience, a judge will get more tired and harder to impress as they play more entries, so I may be too easy on early entries (probably Sonic Chaos Quest Ultimate), and too harsh on later ones (especially Metal Sonic Rebooted). Same goes for evaluation length: Chaos Quest got a pretty massive one, but they got shorter as I went through the rest of the entries. Playing in a random order meant I at least wasn't putting certain hacks at a disadvantage because of where they lied in alphabetical order.

    Hopefully this list will put a few things into perspective, and explain any inconsistencies.
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  2. Burst

    Burst "True. I'll go true." Member

    Mar 22, 2015
    This contest week was pretty damn good. Much better than the '16 one and yeah. Maybe I'll join the normal SHC the next time. :p

    Anyways, this was a good week and I enjoyed playing through all of the hacks. :)

    See you next game! (or hacking contest)
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