Sonic: The New Ranger (Help request thread)

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    Hi to all.

    I really don't know if this thread is permited here because the main thread for asking for help was closed recently. If this si not permited, please, feel free to delete it and I'm sorry, it was not my intention to break any rule.

    I thought in doing this thread some time ago, but I was refusing to do it because I thought I could do it with the help I already have, but the time is passing and passing and the project is not completelly finished (although it's perfectly playable and it looks finished, but there is a few things in my design that still left). I didn't want to ask for help because I'm very happy with all the people who helped in the past to this project but now I want to finish the game project (called "Sonic: The New Ranger") and I'm using this hard days to work a bit more on it.
    People that contributed to the project with music and other stuff are busy with his own projects, real life or they simply doesn't have free time (that is perfectly understandable). I'm always comprensive but I really want to release the project and I don't want to release it incomplete or not as expected/designed... And that's why I opened this thread. I don't put the last video of the project because it's old and now the project looks much better.

    While I'm polishing things and doing some stuff I would like to ask for help for the next things:

    1- Music: I need some songs for some stages/bosses in SMPS format for Sonic 1. I need people good with music stuff and very experienced. The music stuff of this project is really impressive and the new songs have to be at the same level (ValleyBell and Crash has done great master pieces of great songs).

    2- Special Stage coding: I need someone that has dealed a lot with Special Stage coding stuff because I'm stuck with something there.

    3- Sprite Art: Nothing special, but maybe I will need some small edits. Nothing major here.

    4- Bug Fixing: Someone with great knowledge of the Sonic 1 engine that can give a try to fix some bugs present in the original game.

    Please, if you are interested and you have good skills to any of the points I need, send a private message here at SSRG.

    I really thank all the people who helped to this project. One million of thanks to all of you:
    Vladikcomper, ValleyBell, Crash, SpirituInsanum, MarkeyJester, Clownacy, TheBlad768, A-S-H.
    I miss some of you. I hope everything was going really well for all of you.

    EDIT: The project is in an advanced state. It seems some people doesn't know the project so I will put here the last video. As I said, note that they are old and now the game is more advanced.

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