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    Jul 5, 2014
    I decided that it would be fun to add the Cappy capture mechanic from Mario Odyssey in Sonic 2. Then this happened:

    Only EHZ is supported, the game cuts to the Sega Screen after act 2.


    A: Capture nearby enemies/leave an enemy and become Sonic again

    Up/Down: Move up and down tree
    B/C: Throw Coconuts

    Masher (fish Badnik):
    Left/Right: Move left and right, jumps up and down automatically
    Controlled mashers will break when hitting the ground!

    Left/Right: Move left or right
    Up/Down: Go up or down (only while moving side to side, also rises very slowly)
    B: Dash (makes you move faster, but you can't shoot while dashing)
    C: Shoot projectiles


    These are something of a call back to the purple coins in Mario Odyssey. They're red, have a unique sound effect, and grant two rings instead of 1. There are 100 to collect in both acts, but they don't do anything other then being counted on the HUD. Can you find all 100? There are many that require usage of the capture mechanic.

    Known Issues:

    Buzzers can phase through walls:
    This is actually intentional. All you can really do with this ability is find secrets or get yourself killed, anyways :p

    2 Player doesn't work:
    Some necessary changes broke artwork in 2 player. You can actually see some of the consequences of this in the title screen demo. Thus, I removed 2 player mode.

    Tails can't capture stuff/Tails' artwork is overwritten sometimes:
    I disabled him by default, in part because of those problems. I left him as an option though, just in case someone wants to mess around in Coop.

    Cheats don't work:
    I disabled them ;)

    You can't get hurt while controlling an enemy:
    This is also sort of intentional... I figured it'd be more fun to have more freedom while capturing enemies, so I didn't implement this.
    It's been awhile since I worked on this, so there may be some issues that slipped under the radar.

    There's a mostly finished port of GHZ in here, along with far more unfinished ports of all of Sonic 1. The can be accessed with the cheat FFFFE10:XXYY, where XX is a value between $10 and $1E, and YY is 00 or 01 (act number). Hidden Palace has also been restored, and can be accessed with the cheat FFFFE10:0800. I only mention all this because both GHZ and HPZ have some really buggy, unfinished Odyssey code that someone will probably find funny.


    Natsumi for some playtesting
    Clownacy for the Sound driver (which I fully admit I haven't used to it's fullest potential yet)
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    Now *this* is probably one of the most interesting things you've done. There's a lot of possibilities on where you can take this. Pick it back up, and see where the creativity can take you with it.
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    Jesus christ, Super Mario 64, Mario World, and now Sonic 2! What's next, Mega Man 4?
    Might as well add Omochao guest starring as Talkatoo while you're at it!

    (In all seriousness it's a neat idea, but it needs a bit of polish. There doesn't seem to be much reason to use the cap aside from novelty. Maybe with the right level design and enemy usage, we could have something that could stand up as one of the best of the year for SSRG.)
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    Jul 5, 2014