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    1. SSRG Terms & Rules   (16867 visits to this link)

      Required reading for all - read the board rules to keep yourself clear from any problems that may come up.

      Breaking these rules result in consequences - avoid them by following the guidelines in place for an effective, mature community.

    2. IRC Channel   (1397 visits to this link)

      In addition to the forums, the SSRG has an IRC Channel where you can talk with many members of the site.

      Join us on irc.badnik.net #ssrg - read the channel thread for rules and more information.

    3. Guests   (14358 visits to this link)

      Guests only have limited access to certain forums. Join up and gain access to the Members-only Lounge and enjoy the privileges that come with membership.

      If you do decide to register, then please read the SSRG Terms & Rules first. Doing so will guarantee a smooth registration process.

    1. Site News

      Visit regularly to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings on the site and in the community.

    2. Suggestions & Feedback

      If you have any suggestions or feedback, then this is the place to submit them.

    1. Discussion & Q&A

      Forum dedicated to the modification of Sonic the Hedgehog games. Feel free to ask questions, ask for help and trade and exchange work.

      Asking a question? Check out this list of useful links before asking doing so.
      Posting a hack thread? Read these guidelines before you do anything.

    2. Showroom

      The place for Members and above to show off their work. Worthy projects may receive the opportunity to be added to the site database.

    3. Submissions

      Got something you think should be added to one of the various site databases? Or are you looking for some free mini-site hosting?

    4. The Lounge

      Talk about anything you want in this forum, as long as it follows the basic rules of the SSRG.