Terms of Service and Rules

Like many communities, SSRG has rules and guidelines meant for ensuring at least a basic level of decorum and maturity. By using these forums, you agree to follow these policies along with adjusting to any modifications made to them in the future. Rules and guidelines change, as does most anything else in life. We'll be sure to let everyone know when they happen. -- Informational Notes -- Registration and Validation Newly-registered users must first prove that they are capable of being able to be part of SSRG. To that end, one must introduce themselves and demonstrate that they can be responsible community members. Basic guidelines for expectatations are provided in the Wall, which is the forum dedicated to this task. Once vetted through the New Applicants phase, one then becomes a Trialist. Trialists are granted ten posts to prove to the community (users and staff) that they can fit in with the community and not cause problems. Once the ten posts are used, the staff will decide if the trialist is suitable to join the community as a Member. Please note that in some cases we may decide to retrial a user who we are still unsure of and provide them ten further posts in order to prove themselves of membership, however this will only be done once. Bans On SSRG, there are two major types of bans that a user may face when banning is deemed appropriate by the staff. Limbo is a suspension that lasts a minimum of six months. After six months, the punished user may plead their case and prove that they have reformed and are worth giving another chance. These users are not seen as likely permanently banned, but it's up to the user to prove that they are ready to be allowed another chance at being part of the SSRG community. Exile is an indefinite ban, reserved for the worst of cases. Exiled users are allowed to plead their case, but the staff judges these pleads significantly more critically than pleads from users in limbo. Mind, both bans are not unquestionably permanent, as the staff does recognize the ability for people to change. If you find yourself in either group, learn what you did wrong and work to reform yourself, and maybe you'll be able to redeem yourself. -- Rules -- #0: Don't be a Prick Sounds simple, right? Respect your fellow man (or whatever you want to call other people). Treat them not just how you would want to be treated as a human being, but even better. Behavior has its consequences, and when those consequences will deliver could be immediate, or they could be when you least expect it. If you think acting like a tough guy with an ego or a condescending know-it-all will get you anywhere in this place, you're going to find yourself out of this place. #1: No Backseat Moderation There's a link on every post labeled "Report". When you see problems, use that. Don't go saying variations of "I'm not staff, but..." and trying to enforce the rules yourself. Chances are, you'll end up making more problems and get yourself into trouble as well. The Staff appreciates your desire to help, but the best way you can help is to use that report button instead of jumping in and trying to do the Staff's job. #2: Respect the Staff This is pretty strongly related to #0, but also warrants its own mention. The Staff team works their ass off both in full view and behind the scenes to keep the place running as best they can. Their job is ultimately to fight for the site community as a whole even if that means they aren't well-liked or as visibly active as some desire, so when a member of the Staff or the Administrator team tell you to do something, listen. They're very likely trying to keep you from making a mistake you'll regret later. #3: Keep the Adult Content Where it Belongs It doesn't take much thought to figure out that the community, as a whole, doesn't want lewd NSFW content all over the board. It doesn't look good on us, and it definitely doesn't look good on you to throw it around. Adult content is implied to be prohibited in all areas except those explicitly permitting such content (and such areas *will* be clearly marked), and such areas will provide their own supplemental rules for the content they allow. Otherwise, keep the adult content to yourself. #4: Use Readable English There's plenty of different countries that this community serves, and the Staff team respects that. However, for the sake of keeping everyone able to understand each other, stick to speaking English. The Staff are understanding about non-native speakers, and will be lenient about being "correct" English, and may even help you if you reach out to them and ask nicely. That being said, and this goes especially for fluent English speakers, ensure what you're writing is actually understandable. Punctuation and grammar exist for a reason, and while it's not expected for you to be perfect, you are expected to make a good effort in using them to make what you say be legible. #5: Posts Need Meat When posting, make sure you actually have some substance to your post. Don't kick out short one-liners and rack up your post count. Make sure your post has at least a couple of sentences to it, and are actually contributing to the conversation. Don't overload your post with profanities, either. We're mature enough as a community to throw around a few swear words when appropriate, but inundating the post with them really just makes you look childish. When giving commentary on someone's work, don't just say "It's great!" or "It sucks." Explain why. By the same merit, though, don't go stuffing your posts full of superfluous filler. Such grandstanding will only make your post be ignored due to frustrating users trying to read them. Have some content, and stick to your point. #6: Agree to Disagree Everyone is entitled to think whatever they want, whenever they want. Opinions are destined to clash at some point or another, and that's just how life is. What's not OK, though, is to attack people on their opinions because they don't match yours. Some civil back-and-forth is reasonable and fair. Ripping into people because they disagree with you is not. Such action does nothing to sway an argument, but certainly makes you look like crap. #7: When in Doubt, Ask Everyone is different in how they handle their own content. Most of the time, intentions are quite clear with what you can do with content released by people. However, when they aren't clear, assumptions can make a very, very bad situation for you. If there's any question of whether you can or can't, there is no shame in asking. If the answer's not what you're hoping for, see rule #0 and move on with your life. #8: No Alternate Accounts Really simple. You get one account. If there's issues, contact the staff. If you make more than the one, very bad things will happen. The staff team has *a lot* of tools in the arsenal to spot alternate accounts (and more being added), especially in light of some really bad eggs that decided they were too cool for rules. There's very little leniency on this, and only given on a case-by-case basis by the staff, so save yourself the trouble and don't do it. -- Additional Guidelines -- - Don't make a username based off a character from the Sonic franchise or fanfiction regarding it. We've already seen more than enough of those for a lifetime. - Don't overload your username with numbers. People like to be able to read and understand usernames. - Don't bandwagon. Just because it's popular does not mean it is a good idea. - Be curious and open-minded. There's always things to learn. - Members and above can change their usernames. This is a privilege, so please don't abuse it. - Remember that this community and what it does is ultimately a hobby, not a career. - Don't be a suck-up. It does little more than annoy. - Things get a bit crazy during April Fools. Don't be a stick in the mud, join in the fun. - At the end of the day, we're here to have fun. Lighten up. - Don't ask to be staff. Just don't. - Don't proxy-post for other users, especially banned users. Posting material for other users (especially banned users) indicates trying to bypass rules or restrictions, and can result in consequences for both you and the person you're posting for. - Don't beg. People are more than willing to help most of the time with a simple, respectful "What am I doing wrong?" What people don't care for is people kicking up half-baked "help wanted plz" posts to just have people do your work for you. That includes "I need team members" posts. - Before bumping, ask yourself "Am I adding something to the conversation by doing this?" If not, don't do it. - If you're going to use a signature with a large size, please use a spoiler tag on it, as a courtesy for others. - Don't advertise Discord servers in your signatures or post links to Discord servers without staff permission. Same goes for other community websites. - Due to legal reasons, we require that you are at least thirteen years of age to use this site. If found in violation, the Staff will very likely take action on your account, so please, just wait until you're older. It's less of a mess for everyone. At the end of the day, the members of this community make it what it is, so come on and help make this place awesome!