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    I do not understand how you came to have this file, it looks like its a mix of the ASM68K and AS syntaxes, and it wouldnt work on either assembler. Perhaps you used git merge or something like that? That's my best guess, really. The only solution I can think of is downloading a fresh ASM68K source from Github, manually copying this file into the correctly folder, then manually copying those specific lines I explained. Its hard to really say what went wrong without much info, but I can definitely see that this file is no doubt invalid. That comment to do with 64-bit addresses is only ever relevant to AS, since internally AS uses 64-bit addressing (yes, this is true for 68000 as well, and it will not work correctly with 32-bit only addresses), while ASM68K uses 32-bit addresses. I can't really give much more advice than this with what I know about the situation
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    So enough about the Sonic 1 Dissasm. I tried with the Sonic 2 Git dissasm and this happened:

    s2p2bin: generating from s2.p
    Warning: overlapping allocation detected! $0 < $22
    ERROR: Compressed sound driver might not fit.
    Please increase your value of Size_of_Snd_driver_guess to at least $809 and try again.
    error: couldn't open ""
    Press any key to continue . . .
    I only did was change every music names with Sonic 3K from asm file and I have no idea how can I increase my value. The macro is fine unlike the Sonic 1 Dissasm (my point).

    And yes, my brain melted.
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