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    I've figured it out. Make a .bat file, mine's Make S3KtoS1.bat, open the .bat in notepad & add this

    SMPSConv S3K-S1 Insert Music Filename Here.bin S3K_Insert Music Filename Here-S1.bin


    and you save it.  Execute the .bat file. i used invincible.bin & y, enter & it worked

    also I have installed in my hack MegaPCM with all s3k Dac included. You might have to guess the correct offset or it'll crash. I went for title afterwards... this is gonna take a while
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    Why you need a batch file for this is beyond me. Is it really that hard to operate a command prompt? By looking at your profile it looks like you're only one year younger than me, so it's not like you missed the good old MS-DOS days, it's incredible how Windows managed to corrupt everyone's minds *sigh* :(
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    Dec 23, 2011
    Finally an update ... it's about time, isn't it?


    Update list:

    • support for S3 instrument bank (If used, it will patch the resulting SMPS files to only contain the required instruments.)
    • various fixes, improving Trs->S1 and Tra->S1 conversions (especially tempo commands were handled incorrectly)
    • Sonic 2 support (uncompressed only)
    • support for OutRunners (reading only, it can't create .ors files)
    • You can enbale warnings about DAC sounds and PSG instruments that lack an entry in the mapping files.
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    I'm very sorry for the 4 month bump, but I have compiled all the Sonic 3D Blast SMPS files using redhotsonic's ripping method. I have ripped every song except Ending, No Way and Act Clear. There was problems ripping the Ending and do we seriously need the other 2? I have also added the proto 819 Boss Theme and the Unused SS Theme to the archive. Happy converting!

    Download  View attachment Sonic 3D Blast SMPS Rips.7z  (7z file)
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    Aug 26, 2016
    I tried to export songs from Dangerous Seed, he uses z80 but the percussion sounds with timpani, the rest of the song sounds very good, Someone can help me how to configure the DAC and PSG list?
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