SNOLF 3 & KNOLF -- v0.6.1

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    Dec 9, 2019
    The Sonic Golf Experience, Part II!
    Happy Halloween! v0.6 - Not Broken (In Blocks or Lava or Eggs) Anymore!


    Did you enjoy SNOLF: The Sonic Golf Experience? Did you wish you could experience the magic and the mystery of an entirely golf-controlled hedgehog all over again, but this time in Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and perhaps enjoy more characters? Well, feast your eyes on SNOLF 3 & KNOLF: The Sonic Golf Experience, Part II!

    This romhack, like its predecessor "SNOLF: The Sonic Golf Experience", replaces Sonic's ability to move with a golf-game mechanic, similar to the kind of thing found in games like Kirby's Dream Course. Sonic remains rolled up into a ball under most conditions, and can only be launched when he has come to a stop. The Rings counter instead counts how many shots you have taken, allowing players to compete to get the lowest score!

    This is my second romhack; my cruelty continues unabated.

    (in spoiler tag)
    Title screen:
    Example gameplay:
    True horror:

    When Sonic is at rest, press A, B, or C to begin your golf swing. A ring sprite will move left to right; how far left and right the sprite is determines the force that Sonic will be hit with, and the direction that he will move in. Press the button again to lock-in the horizontal force. You will then be presented with a similar display that controls how much vertical force Sonic will be hit with. Pressing the button in this state will lock-in the vertical force, and launch Sonic! Good luck!

    Press and hold the A button if you're rolling into danger to reset your shot.

    The game comes in three difficulty flavours, each tied to the chosen character:
    SNOLF: Classic Snolf difficulty.
    KNOLF: Glide and climb walls! You can make a bad shot a slightly less bad shot!
    TOL.F: Just fly to where you want to be and pretend you made a really good shot. Nice!

    Once again, I continue to owe everything in this hack to the fine people who have been modifying this game over the years; in particular, the maintainers of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles disassembly on GitHub, MarkeyJester for the tutorials on the M68k processor, vladickomper for their Advanced Error Handler and Debugger, and Xenowhirl for SonMapEd.

    ROM Downloads

    Github: snolf_3_and_knolf.bin
    Github: snolf_3_and_knolf_v02.bin
    Github: snolf_3_and_knolf_v021_FIX.bin
    Github: snolf_3_and_knolf_v03.bin
    Github: snolf_3_and_knolf_v04.bin
    Github: snolf_3_and_knolf_v05.bin
    Github: snolf_3_and_knolf_v06.bin
    Github: snolf_3_and_knolf_v06.1.bin <--- latest version!

    Release Page

    In keeping with the open-source spirit of the Sonic 3 & Knuckles disassembly, the hack's entire source code is available on my github here, in the snolf_3_and_knolf branch:
    You should be able to clone it with git and build it in the same way the disassembly itself is built.

    Patch Notes

    Certain objects require the player to spindash to interact with them, and have been fixed to work either by snolfing off of them or just by disabling them entirely.

    Mushroom Hill's Act 2 boss was unplayable as the player couldn't stand still. So, in autoscrolling sections, the player can temporarily continue snolfing while in motion.

    Sandopolis Zone's sand-slides would cause Knolf to get stuck on them. You can now snolf off of these to continue play.

    Hydrocity Zone's breakable blocks acted inconsistently. These have now been fixed.
    You can also download a version without super transformations!

    Lava Reef Zone's Act 3 auto-scrolling section is no longer a run-ending nightmare world. The Spindash elevators in Lava Reef have been removed due to sticking issues.

    Doomsday Act 2 (Snolf's Final Boss, pre-emeralds) auto-scroller caused incredible issues in the very final phase. As an act of clemency, always-allow-snolf mode kicks in during the entire fight.

    Some emulators didn't play nicely with this ROM, due to some mistakes I made in mapping the RAM addresses. Thanks to vladikcomper's Advanced Error Handler and Debugger I managed to find the problem and fix it.
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    Sep 15, 2017
    I have played your hacks and can say that they are original and interesting.
    You also put a lot of effort into creating these games that you keep updating!
    The games would be fun to play but there are some problems ...

    Let's start with the boss of Hydrocity Zone act1,the problem with this battle is that you have little control over the character because he is in constant motion(Blame also the curves on the ends).

    Some points are very difficult to overcome.
    An example:
    In this part if the character succeeds to reach the top, but because of the physics he will go back.

    This part is a nightmare due to the limited space available to move up.

    These problems could be solved with Tails,but if someone starts with the other characters they will find this game very difficult.

    I can give you two tips to make the game more playable:
    1-You could make characters controllable normally during the boss battle;
    2-Remove the platforms difficult to overcome (eg the indicated platform with the red arrow)

    Seeing the new controls you have added in this game, I thought you might add a new move to sonic on the fist Sonic Golf Experience ,a second jump that if performed makes sonic controllable in the air, also useful against hard bosses (eg the boss of chemical plant).

    With these thoughts I hope I have not been unpleasant.

    That said, I wish you luck on this project:D
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    Dec 9, 2019
    Thank you very much for your kind words! I agree, this hack is extremely difficult and almost unplayable for most people. However, at least one speedrunner has already completed the game on Twitch, so I am satisfied that the game is at least finishable, even if it is very frustrating! Part of the joy of SNOLF is the pain and suffering that it causes. Happy Halloween!
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    Sep 15, 2017
    If you're satisfied, it's good so;)
    However, know that you have implemented the new mechanic very well!