Sonic 1 Definitive - SHC 2021 Demo

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  1. Inferno

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    Oct 27, 2015
    Sky Base Zone, South Island
    RadiantNexus Team presents... Sonic 1 Definitive!
    Sonic 1 Definitive is a hack named by RadiantNexus Team, which seeks to reimagine Sonic 1 by rearranging levels. remixing music, adding features from future games, and readding scrapped ideas in new and interesting ways.

    Major features:

    • 3 acts of reimagined level design, including one act that has yet to be fully reimagined in any other hack.
    • A miniboss.
    • Massive art overhaul all over the place.
    • Music made by ProjectFM and MechaKnuckles.
    • Menus!
    • A custom splash screen.
    There's been massive engine overhauls as well, including the Sonic 3 level layout format for massive levels, and the Sonic 3 object manager to go alongside this.

    This has been in development for over a year, so we at RadiantNexus Team hope you enjoy!

    We are aware of multiple bugs in this demo, which have mostly been resolved:
    1. The ball has a lack of collision detection in most circumstances. (This is just a lack of code.)
    2. The CD Spindash is a little inaccurate and has some bugs in Bridge.
    3. You can get a 1up by getting one more ring when you leave or enter a bonus stage.
    4. GHZ2's water palette can mess up when you exit a bonus stage. (Hardware and BlastEM specific)
    5. BZ1 will sometimes freeze. (Hardware specific)
    6. You're able to get stuck in specific Bonus Stage Bumpers.
    7. Priorities with Shields and Spindash dust are a little wonky with foreground trees.

    • Inferno: Director, main coder, level designer.
    • BladeOfChaos, ManiacShard: Main artists.
    • MrLordSith: Some art, pre-rendering.
    • Rivet: Secondary coder, responsible for menus and splash screen, hardware testing.
    • MCTravis: Sound porting, beta testing, hardware testing.
    • RandomName: Help with Sonic 3 level layout format.
    • ProjectFM: Music, object and ring managers.
    • MechaKnuckles: Music.
    • NatThePorcupine: GHZ grass.
    • KrazeeTobi: Beta testing, archiving.
    • Somario: Beta testing.
    • JayKuriN: Some lended art, some sound design ideas, the first bits of GHZ2. (Forgot to credit on the SHC page when I COULD edit it, and they originally requested to be uncredited.)
    Enjoy an image or two!

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  2. DeltaWooloo

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    Aug 7, 2019
    Just finished recording a gameplay video of Sonic 1 Definitive:

    Now, you may ask what I think about the hack, let this screenshot do the talking for me: =P

    Jokes aside, I'm preparing lengthy evaluations to all Retro hacks so I'll let you know when that's sorted. All I can say is, good job, RadiantNexus!
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  3. Crimson Neo

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    Sep 9, 2013
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    I think that's the best 16-Bit re-interpretation of Bridge Zone I've seen on a ROM hack (or even a fanmade in general?) for now. I really like how everything here is polished and the Bonus Stage is really fun!
  4. nineko

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    Mar 24, 2008
    This hack has all the premises to become something awesome, I look forward to play future revisions!

    For now, here is a gameplay video I recorded a couple of days ago (thanks to Inferno for sharing the rom early).
  5. Inferno

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    Oct 27, 2015
    Sky Base Zone, South Island
    Because I can, I will provide hints for the 6 Big Rings present in this demo:

    Throw yourself down at your first chance
    Observe an unusual wall to your left

    Think like KawariNo
    Or fly upwards from the incline

    To the right of the spring
    It is in plain sight

    One side brings good luck
    What does the other side bring?

    Just above the watery abyss
    Find a passageway blocked within

    Remember those times of playing on the Game Gear
    And ride a bridge downwards.
  6. jasonchrist

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    Jun 26, 2010
    Sonic 1 Definitive: Making the Original the Best!

    This has been a long held dream to play something like this, and it's great to see it coming to life! That Sonic sprite is the best I've ever seen - official/fangame or otherwise.
  7. Inferno

    Inferno Rom Hacker Member

    Oct 27, 2015
    Sky Base Zone, South Island
    See you next year!