Sonic 1 Powers (Demo)

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  1. ReZZ

    ReZZ Newcomer Trialist

    Jan 22, 2021
    Hello,This is ReZZ with my ROM hack i've been working on with recently.

    Features -
    Sonic has a mid-air dash to speed up a little during the Gameplay (C button)
    This hack has Super Sonic for which needs only 50 rings and 0 emeralds (Press B when in a jump)

    Super Sonic's features -
    While in air you can use the (A) button to dash up or down by pressing button combs

    Up+A= Dash Up
    Upleft+A=Dash Upleft
    Upright+A=Dash UpRight
    And same is for dashing down

    While you are Super Sonic and you break open a invincibility box to get Hyper Sonic

    Hyper Sonic Features -
    You can fly in Air using the up and down buttons And stopgrivity by holding the (A) button

    Credits -
    Me - (ASM Edits)
    Dewar - For his SMPS

    Notable things -
    You can only Jump with the C button
    Only A GHZ demo
    No layout is changed for now.

    Screenshots -
    Screenshot_20210704-010014_MDemu.jpg Screenshot_20210704-005949_MDemu.jpg

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  2. Scrap Sorra

    Scrap Sorra Well-Known Member Member

    Sep 18, 2020
    Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis
    I played the hack and it certainly needs polish and balancing. Jump being bound to the C button only is incredibly annoying and Super Sonic's dash being tied to the A button makes absolutely no sense. Hyper Sonic's activation is unique and pretty interesting but the fact you can literally fly Minecraft creative mode style with Hyper Sonic is absolutely broken.Normal Sonic is probably more overpowered than Super or Hyper Sonic since you won't always have 50 rings but you'll always have normal Sonic's air dash which is absolutely broken beyond belief in 2D Sonic games. The Hyper Sonic flying mechanic is interesting but I think it'd work better as a special stage mechanic. The changes to the GHZ boss are pretty meaningless since the air dash can let you hit Eggman from the other side of the screen. Since there's no changed level design the music and palette changes are what I get to talk about next and the music is just okay in my opinion. The GHZ 2 palette looks decent and the GHZ 3 palette needs major improvement. Some of the darker shades are the same color, causing the palette to look muddy and just not that great in general. I'd recommend not making the palette so dark because it doesn't really have to be. Also, try changing Eggman's sprites to not use Sonic's blues like Sonic 2 did because of this
    oh yeah and Sonic's palette changes back to his normal one instead of his changed darker palette after reverting from Super Sonic.
    In conclusion, this demo is pretty barebones and the hack needs more time in the oven and balancing of Sonic's abilities. I recommend perhaps giving Sonic the insta-shield instead of the air dash, giving Super Sonic no unique abilities and just giving Hyper Sonic his screen clearing dash from S3K, along with fixing some issues Super Sonic still has (like this which could be happening if you didn't extend the mappings/animation limit for Sonic)
    To end my post off with here are my best times in GHZ 2 and 3 (Hyper Sonic and the air dash break the absolute crap out of this game)
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  3. W0LfP4Ck

    W0LfP4Ck I'm back! ;) Member

    Jan 31, 2021
    Ok, while I'm trying to understand the concept of this hack, there is and enormous bug that you should fix.


    This bug can be triggered on some weak emulators, i will take GENPLUSDroid as an example. Whenever the player press C, it will trigger an address error, which can be escaped by pressing C repeatedly. However this can be pretty annoying for people who utilize weak emulators, since the jump button only uses C on the joypad or keyboard, and people who utilize weak emulators, will give up since the game is literally unplayable. By the way this hack clearly need improvement as @Scrap Brain mentioned above.
  4. EpsilionDubwool

    EpsilionDubwool I am the danger. Member

    Aug 7, 2019
    Out of curiousity, you didn't get the code for Super and Hyper Sonic, homing attack and alter images from a certain open source project?
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  5. ReZZ

    ReZZ Newcomer Trialist

    Jan 22, 2021
    I'll try to fix that ASAP

    Thanks for your review I'll try to make it better and improve it further more before i post a thread on the hack.

    Its all made by expirience.