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  1. Mr. Nouyoule

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    Oct 23, 2019
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    Welcome to this rom hack showcase!

    I will show my actual work on rom hacking with Sonic The Hedgehog (the release can be canceled because the project stay personal), and i need help for some points, so criticisms and suggestions are welcome!
    Important: This is my "real" first rom hack, even i already maked rom hacks on Super Mario Bros. before, they stay incomplete, and i try to finish one rom hack.

    WARNING: Spoiler mostly in Gameplay and Previews (Screenshots).

    (The author voted to the second choice above, but this point will subtracted later during the calculations)

    Sonic Attack Personal Project


    The Dr. Robotnik, after his defeat in Sonic 3, find a chaos emerald, who can remake the past, and use it for return in Scrap Brain. The attack in Sonic 3 was a diversion for help him to use that he had found. Sonic has been transformed like he was in the past, and return to South Island, but the island changed, and all zones were differents. The plan of the Dr. Robotnik, before begin the attack in Sonic 3, was lock Sonic in the past and let's him die, and try with his friends for have a complete control on Mobius.


    If i said "gameplay", there is a reason, because the physic of Sonic has been modified, and he can't jump more high, and it's a other difficulty, with that of not Spindash. For be the "normal" Sonic, you must find all time emeralds, hidden in special stages back of the big rings, and after have doing it, the physic will be better, and Sonic can use his classic characteristics, like the Spindash by example, and the game is easily terminable. To the opposite, if you stay the Sonic of the past, you will see the bad ending, with Sonic in doll's form, show be dead. The good ending is with the modern Sonic happy with Metal Sonic head (look below for more information on Metal Sonic), this good ending will be a tribute to Metal Sonic Hyperdrive, a very good rom hack.


    Many characters are missing in this rom hack, like Tails (Miles) and Knuckles, but some characters, very missing in the mostly part of sonic games, going here:

    Dr. Robotnik: The original enemy of Sonic, who used the time emeralds for return anything in a different past, and lock the portal of the present. He's into the end of the game, and sometimes in some zones, for hurt the progress of the player. With the time emeralds, almost Eggrobo be destroyed, but, with a time emerald in his heart, he can still live for going kill Sonic.
    Mecha Sonic: The central character of this rom hack, replace the Dr. Robotnik in the Eggmobile, like into the end of Sonic & Knuckles, with the classic attack like the famous giant ball of the boss of the Green Hill Zone.
    Eggrobo: He's sometimes a boss (frequently in the second act on a zone), we must beat it for pass the act. He's represent also a challenge, better is use strategies during the attack.
    Metal Sonic: The original Sonic's clone also is in this rom hack. He want to recover the time emeralds for import them to the Dr. Robotnik, so you must stop him before lose. He's a boss, sometimes in the first act of a zone, and he's in special stages too.
    Fang: Remember? He's in this rom hack too.
    Chaos Sonic: Nobody know him, but he's like Metal Sonic, with the same appearance of Sonic, with an antenna in his head who have a red signal. His red eyes make a dismal thought and a bad fear. His skin and his appearance are dark, and his thorns in his spine are spikes! This is a doll, a real clone of Sonic, formed by the Chaos. His objective was search all the chaos emeralds for kill anything in Mobius, before the Dr. Robotnik change all with the time emeralds.
    Mikrabot: The Dr. Robotnik had already created some mastodons for some mission very hard, but he discover in the Scrap Brain's discharge a little robot, who can assemble metallic armors for be a tank-like. The Dr. Robotnik prepare him for have the same objective of all badniks.

    And maybe other characters joins this rom hack.




    Thanks you for read this showcase, and see you soon...
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  2. Spanner

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    Aug 9, 2007
    Where are the screenshots? You need to show something for a thread.
  3. breakthetargets

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    Aug 6, 2009
    I'm sorry but those screenshots being stretched out like that really does not help at all and is a strain to the eyes.
  4. Mr. Nouyoule

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    Oct 23, 2019
    I will update for have good screenshots, and resize the image because myself i see it is too big. Thanks you for your remarks.