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    Dec 22, 2019
    Introducing the final (concept-inspired) release of *SONIC DEBUT*!
    (At least, in the way you may be familiar with it.)
    *SONIC DEBUT* is a project I started on in early 2020, initially being a replica of the TTS demo, and evolving into a much bigger project. Recently, it's became increasingly obvious that the community's starting to get tired of Sonic 1 concept-related (aka "beta") hacks, and recently, I've also become quite tired of it.

    After 2 years of development, I've rebooted the project for a more unique approach, based on Sega's arcade platformer titles. The Sonic 1 concept-based version of the hack is no longer in development.

    Well, that's it for the introduction. Now, a description of the hack itself, at least in the status it was before it was rebooted.

    This is a modification of Sonic 1 stylized within its earlier stages of development giving a unique twist on the game. Many prototype and concept materials are implemented here.
    This hack features the following core changes:

    • Spinning Jump - Sonic doesn't instantly go into a ball when you jump. Press the action button mid-air to curl up and attack enemies.
    • Health System - Sonic's health is no longer tied to rings. In fact, rings don't exist in this hack! There is a more standardized hit system here, starting off with 5 hit points. You lose a life if you lose all your hit points. Extra HP monitors are scattered around the levels.
    • New Level Layouts - As per usual, there's a new level layout. Not exactly new, but rather a twist on the existing ones.
    • New Sonic Sprites - It's TTS! Now you see why we're changing that.
    As I've stated before, this version is no longer in development, and many things are left unfinished. There may be many bugs and many incomplete things you may run into (such as everything outside Green Hill).
    You can access everything else with the level select code U U U D D D R D L.

    I hope you all enjoyed this twist on the game, and I hope for revealing the new arcade-inspired version of it soon.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Lead - MDTravis
    Programmers - MDTravis, Inferno, Rivet, KatKuriN, Giovanni, KGL, MrLordSith
    Art - MDTravis, BladeOfChaos, ManiacShard, KatKuriN, Joshyflip, Gastón A. Guzman, StarDrop, PepsiJuan666
    Music - MDTravis, KatKuriN, THiN CRUST, seafour
    Testers -
    BladeOfChaos, LittlePlanetCD, KGL, Inferno, ManiacShard, Giovanni, MrLordSith, Sleekflash16, seashore, KatKuriN, Icytroids, dualsh0x, St. Nick, EmmaNerd, dweeby
    Special Thanks - CaioST, Miles Tails Power

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    Im glad that this romhack is going for a more original direction, dont get me wrong alot of this build is pretty cool but it just has been done so much that it gets boring.

    One of my favourite things from this was the music for the orginal zones, there really well made. Also the orginal zones have great art and i hope to see those in the reboot.

    So overall while it is an good hack, its just going to be much more better with an more original idea.
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    Liking what I see so far! One thing though: I know you were trying to go for the more authentic route, but I still think you should fix the spike bug. My muscle memory expected a bridge to be in front of the GHZ3 boss, but instead, it was a pit of spikes I got stuck in until I died.
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