Sonic Journeys (Sonic 1 Hack) V1.1 Available

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  1. MultiDiegoDani

    MultiDiegoDani Newcomer Trialist

    Jan 27, 2020
    Today I wanted to present you my first Sonic Rom hack What has been done a long time ago and that I take it up again!
    AI have the honor to present my project,that is: Sonic Journeys

    Sonic Journeys is a Sonic 1 hack, so it is quite simple. I changed the color of the zones. I also remixed most areas of the level design to be different.
    Changes the acts In the future I will change every level and may even edit graphics or game play if I learn how to. So for the time being it's a very simple ROM hack that I will update in the future.
    it was originally done in 2014 but stop doing it, until at the end of 2019 re-create the hack. I just wanted to complete my project that I did.

    -Green Mountain Zone
    -Desert Dungeon Zone
    -Bumper Stadium Zone
    -Marine Derbis Zone
    -Sky Sparkling Zone
    -Fort Fortress Zone
    -Special Stages:

    Tools and Credits:
    Crash: Music
    Nineko: Music and Different songs per Act
    SonMapED: Tool
    SonED2: Tool (Stealth)
    Notepad ++
    Gamma V : Music
    LuigiXHero: Music and Fix things
    DJ Error : Music
    Dewmer Dewar: Music
    Hivebrain: Sonic 1 disassembly
    Lightning & kram1024: Spindash
    FraGag: Spike Bug fix
    Souptaels: My OC Sprite
    and others, since I forgot who they were, it was in 2014
    now for a possible new version, go to change the backgrounds and zones.

    Update V1.1
    -Fixed name "Green Mountain Zone"
    -Extend Music List, with extras songs
    -Some new sprites as Sonic in the Title
    -Replaced Act Clear music by Dewmer Dewar
    -New Palette for Desert Dungeon Zone
    -New Sprites Design for Marine Derbis Zone
    -Add Spindust effect
    -Fixed Spindash mechanics
    -Add 50000 points = 1up from Rev01 by Iso Kilo
    -Monitor mechanics from Sonic 3 & Knuckles by DeltaWooloo
    And other things.

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  2. Kilo

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    Oct 9, 2017
    A warm and lovely place~
    I like the title screen sprite, I believe that's from OK KO, right?
    Unfortunately, that's as far as I got, because pressing start causes Regen to crash.
  3. Rivet

    Rivet Newcomer Trialist

    Jun 12, 2020
    Gave this hack short play and thought it was quite nice other than a few issues.

    Regen doesn't seem to want to go past the titlescreen (gives out that annoying 68k debugger that doesn't go away), beginning of GHZ 1 it gave me an address error but never ran into any others, and in the first special stage you appear stuck inside a block. There also was another issue I hear in hacks every once and a while where the song goes to play some dac and it plays a static-y sample? Didn't know how else to describe it, but I think it's the driver reading randomness where there should be a sample.

    The art is quite nice as well as the music. Other than those small issues I enjoyed it!
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  4. penPhobic

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    Dec 11, 2016
    It's because some drums don't exist so that's why they sound so static.
  5. TheInvisibleSun

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    Jul 2, 2013
    Buffalo, NY, USA
    I adore the subtle edits to the badniks and level art so far! The music is a bit rough in some places, but there are some neat tracks/ports here and there.

    Standard Sonic 1 Level Select works. Looks like the issue might have to do with GHZ1, since it also crashes from the level select menu in Regen, while other levels don't. Looking into it further, Sound 81 also crashes from the Sound Test, so it perhaps it has something to do with that?

    But yeah, this looks like a really nice start, but I urge you to add a debugger of some kind to your disassembly as soon as you can (I highly recommend vladikcomper's, although flamewing's is nice as well), so you can tackle some of those crashes. I also recommend testing with multiple emulators as well, as some catch errors and other hardware issues that other's do not (i.e. Kega Fusion does not trigger address errors, while Regen does).

    Also, you mentioned that you might've forgotten to credit people, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt here; Sound 9B sounds identical to @LordXernom 's Sea Bottom Segue port (it also doesn't loop, just like the version he released on the Discord server earlier this year).
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  6. KZG4

    KZG4 Well-Known Member Member

    Jul 30, 2016
    @MultiDiegoDani Nice hack, I like the level art you’ve made so far. The music is not really my thing though.

    Also @TheInvisibleSun DJ Error is the name of Xernom’s YT channel, iirc.
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  7. EpsilionDubwool

    EpsilionDubwool I am the danger. Member

    Aug 7, 2019
    I did enjoy the hack. The art and music is very polished and I do like the level design, a mix of the original zones with custom chunks; although I would recommend changing some songs as I believe some don't sound right or fit into place.

    While this is great, I believe there could be room for improvements:

    • Please include the dust to the Spindash. I don't like how Sonic does it without it as it feels off.
    • The music ports such as Azure Lake or Fatal Fury 2 song sound terrible, I would recommend you try out SMPSConv since you can get accurate ports
    • Speaking of music, the DAC static. Try Mega PCM, Dual PCM or even AMPS and add DACs of your own, it's easy to use besides AMPS which takes time to learn and understand but you should get an idea on how they handle DACs
    • This is a personal opinion, but try and include a scroll delay with looking up or down since it feels wonky when spindashing.
    • Fix GHZ Act 1's song or use a different song.
    Overall, I would rate this ROM hack a fair 7.6/10. ;)This is a really nice ROM hack and I did like how polished the art was. The music needs some work, I would like to see a new OST of this hack rather than a mix of songs from SoniNeko, SMPS Music Competition and song packs from the Internet.

    I can't wait to see what this hack has to offer in the future! :)
  8. LordXernom

    LordXernom Well-Known Member Member

    Aug 12, 2012
    I've released it two years ago, but that's true. I've made a looped version of this SMPS today in order to fix this issue: Download
    Speaking of issues... I've found one fatal glitch in Marine Derbis Zone Act 2 - you can get stuck between FG tiles and spikes:
    I love artwork in this hack, it's better than original Sonic 1, but I also think artstyle and level layouts are too safe. It's way too similar to S1, next time you could try change entire artwork into something more fresh (like custom zone theme - haunted aquapark or something). I like other SMPS usage from other members, but Azure Lake one from S3 is overused, you could use that slot for more unique music choice. Overall, I like this hack, art changes in tiles and backgrounds always makes me interested in playing any Sonic hack. 8/10
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