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    Apr 16, 2015
    Sonic Magnified is an in development project by me (Giovanni), with the main scope being creating brand new, large Sonic 1 levels.

    The ROM hack currently features one act of Green Hill Zone, filled with several different routes to explore. In addition, you will get to listen to a custom remix of the zone's theme as you go through it.

    To make gameplay more pleasant, several quality of life changes were made to Sonic's control scheme.
    • The Spin Dash, from Sonic 2, has been introduced to the moveset;
    • You can now retain control of Sonic if you jump after rolling;
    • You will not experience Speed Caps;
    • The Spike behavior has been updated to conform with future games' behavior.
    In addition to these features, you will find that a new move has been added to the game: the Spring Dash.

    The Spring Dash works similarly to the tricks system found in the Sonic Advance series: by pressing any direction along with one of the face buttons after hitting a spring, you'll be propelled towards the direction you were holding.

    Should you hit an enemy or a monitor while going downwards through this method, you'll be able to perform a Spring Dash Chain: you'll be rendered vulnerable on your way up, but you'll be able to perform another Spring Dash.

    Project Leader: Giovanni
    Level Design, Music composition and Programming: Giovanni
    Extra Programming: djohe
    Testing: djohe, Monospattino, redhotserver's #backstage

    Tools and assets utilised:
    Sonic 1 with S3K Object and Ring Managers Disassembly: ProjectFM
    Mid2SMPS: ValleyBell
    SonLVL: MainMemory
    Sonic 1 Static Splash Screen: Hixatas, ProjectFM
    Sonic 1 Expanded Sprite Sheet: Rosabelle
    Sonic 1 Optimised Sound Effects: MarkeyJester
    Sonic 3 Title Card custom font: Jermungandr
    ReadySonic: Mercury (Improved Loading Chunks from ROM, stripes on Sonic's shoes when Sonic uses a Spring)

    Guides followed:
    Spin Dash Guide: Lightning, kram1024, Puto, shobiz, Mercury
    Speed Cap removal: Tweaker, Puto
    Spike Bug Fix: FraGag
    Make an Alternative Title Screen: JcFerggy
    Make the Title Screen use its own Background Deformation Routines: Techokami

    Special Thanks:
    Everyone who writes guides and provides assets to the community, you people are really cool
    RandomName and ralakimus, for providing instructions on how to extend Sonic 1 levels beyond their 64x8 chunk limits
    SEGA and Sonic Team, for creating Sonic 1
    Every single one of those people that have decided to test my ROM hack and provide feedback during the testing period
    Esrael Neto, for porting Sonic 2's Level Select screen into Sonic 1. (It was used during testing, but there's no point in having a level select screen in a one level demo)
    djohe, who helped me develop of a feature that did not make it into this demo, but may be implemented into a future version of Sonic Magnified (or repurposed for another project entirely)
    You people that decide to interact with this ROM hack in any capacity, be it by playing it, talking about it, giving me feedback or in any other way

    Download and media:

    The ROM hack's first demo can be found within the SHC 2021's Expo list of entries. Click here to access Sonic Magnified's page.

    Known Issues:
    • Gaining an extra life will cause errors to one of the PSG channels.
    • Backtracking after taking the middle route after the last checkpoint will have you killed by the level's lower boundary.
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