Sonic ROMhacking trends

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    Sep 30, 2015
    This is a very interesting post, because it makes one think.

    Yeah, when you release a hack in the public, you do it with the intention of letting others enjoy your work. We also have to take into account that it's practically impossible (or at least it's really difficult) to make everyone happy though. We all have different styles, some closer to the original style, some way different, but that doesn't mean they are not as valuable. What's more, you start from having an idea and executing that idea, and we are here to give feedback in order to let people improve their work without necessarily changing anything they came up with.

    I mean, people may agree or disagree with me here, but I believe that work here, as a hobby, is something you do to entertain yourself. That is, hacking is done, up to a point, for self-satisfaction, so I might be echoing MainMemory's words here. You like the idea, so you keep going with it until the end. Besides, about what I said before of not being able to satisfy everyone else, we also should work for the possible minority that may like what we are doing. That public is who we are aiming the work for and why we are going to improve the quality of it besides of mere self-satisfaction.

    So yeah, basically, a hack is done because you want that idea to be exdecuted and you like it, do it for yourself and for the few people that enjoy it the most perfect way possible, and of course, never let efforts get to waste because there are people who might not like certains styles or ideas. People don't mean badly, but likes are very subjective. It's just like in real life, not everyone has the same hobbies; e.g whereas lots of men enjoy sports, I am not personally not too into sports. Does that mean that sports are bullshit? Not at all, it's just not my cup of tea. Though there will always, always be someone who supports your work no matter what. I hope I'm getting my message go through well.
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