Sonic Unlimited (3.0 Out!!!)

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    Sep 30, 2022
    Didn't expect this release to be quick and is fully playable except labyrinth zone. Labyrinth zone is skipped anyway so that's good in the format of game crashing.
    This does work on real hardware :)
    Clownacy For the V2 Clone Driver.
    Rom Below with screenshots:
    blastem_20221127_182856.png blastem_20221127_182803.png
    blastem_20221127_182815.png blastem_20221127_182834.png


    1. Darker Blue on Sonic
    2. New Font for the title cards (credit to Techokami)
    3. New Background for the title screen
    Rom with 1 screenshot.



    Sonic And Miles Font for the level select menu is upgraded to have shading
    HUD is upgraded to look more like sonic mania's HUD
    more song ports (including 1 song from Knuckles Chaotix)

    not really a big update but good enough. here's the ROM with a screenshot.

    please scroll down for the next update :D

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    Sep 30, 2022
    This update has a lot of changes.
    1. music have been changed slightly (credit to nineko for some songs from the smps pack).
    2. little Art changes in all of the zones.
    3. Labyrinth zone can finally be included in this rom hack.
    4. title cards oval has a little change.
    5. HUD is upgraded *again..* to look like Knuckles Chaotix with sonic 3's life counter icon.
    6. level layout change for GHZ Act 1 and much shorter.
    7. palate change for Marble zone to look a little bit easier on the Eyes.
    8. palate change for GHZ.
    Rom With Screenshots :D
    blastem_20221219_204232.png blastem_20221219_204323.png
    blastem_20221219_204408.png blastem_20221219_204308.png

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    Nov 7, 2021
    So I haven't played through all stages, just few like GHZ, MZ and SYZ. I found the palette changes a bit good but not good enough. Also, the tiles you used for GHZ and MZ is a bit strange I could say and it's hard to see where I am going. Plus it's not very pleasing in the eyes. And secondly which I liked is that you ported the songs correctly (although the title screen music has loud and different instruments playing for whatever reason.) I liked the Labyrinth Zone's palette as well.
    I also wanted to report a bug I found when going through the ending sequence. After the ending sequence has "ended" get it, because it's an ending sequence and I made a joke abo- the sega screen glitches the fuck out and well crashes the game for whatever reason you're having there.
    My overall score for this hack is 4/10, not bad but needs a lot of improvement. Especially with the art. As the art is the main issue I see here. The level design can be done afterwards.
    Take these as notes and don't take these stuff like seriously, I am just criticising and giving my review on it.
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    Sep 30, 2022
    yes I did notice that through my playtesting on the crash. However I didn't actually touch the code for it so I have no clue what causes that. At first I thought it was the signpost but it wasn't. So eh.
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    Sep 30, 2022

    Another Big Update!!!
    This update has had an Overhaul, here are the list of changes
    1. Green Hill Zone (Fanatic Sunset) has had a Background change, oh and another change in Foreground Art with The 1st level having a level design change.
    2. Marble Zone (Crumbled Marble) has had an Art overhaul, The Background is the same, but the Foreground has improved in art
    3. Extra detail added in the GHZ boss & Marble Boss
    4. Life counter changed to be from Sonic CD
    5. Spindash added (partially added, has no dust)
    6. Title card Oval is back to Normal Sonic 1
    7. Title screen Has had A change (Credit: Dax & saan1ty)
    8. Sonic 3 (Sonic) Sprites Ported to sonic 1 [has a few animation bugs]
    9. Labyrinth Zone (Labyrinth Decay) has also had a Background change to the Prototype Background.
    10. Spring Yard Zone (Sparkling City) has had the Background changed to the Prototype Background (Palette cycle Works.)
    11. Some BGM changes.
    12. ROM Header Has been Changed to "Sonic The Hedgehog Unlimited"
    13. Final Zone's name has been changed to "Final Bossfight"
    14. Camera Bug is Fixed in Fanatic Sunset Act 1
    15. *Again* some palette changes
    16. Star Light has had an art change (not much)
    17. Sega Screen Changed to the One from S&K
    18. Sonic Now has a Victory pose when completing a Level (doesn't work for Capsules & Scrap brain act 2)

    Notes: there are a few issues such as, The ending Sequence being broken with its Background slightly with the wrong palette, The victory animation Kinda breaking when not standing still.
    Works on real Hardware? --- > Yes

    Marble zone has a little broken collision btw. (I have finally Returned)
    Screenshot 2023-11-12 160327.png Screenshot 2023-11-12 160431.png
    Screenshot 2023-11-12 160543.png Screenshot 2023-11-12 160651.png

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    May 25, 2021
    i appreciate the sprite import from S3 to S1 but you should focus on improving level design. avoid overcrowding enemies and unnecessary springs. i recommend studying the level design used in S1, especially GHZ. Each act has its own qualities: Act 1 serves as a tutorial, introducing basic enemies, a 10 ring monitor and a yellow spring. act 2 offers more technical challenges with two alternative paths. act 3 allows players to choose their path based on speed. Each act has three different paths, with the upper section being easier, the middle section being average and the lower section being more complex.
    Another area for improvement is the art and proper use of palettes. some palettes feel poorly made or out of place, and the imported art, like the HUD needs improvement, art level too

    the ost is kinda "meh". i'd suggest using tunes from different games instead of S2, S3 or S3D.
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