Sonic's Epic Quest green hill zone demo

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  1. Stdh

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    Jan 11, 2021
    hi so im working on this hack but i trought of making a quik demo of the 1st zonenow this is still incomplete and no other levels can be played (tho i made this demo on another disasm)

    this hacks features:
    spin dash and homing attack
    3 playable characters (sonic, tails, knuckles)
    a option to turn on the extented camera

    also if you completed act 3 it will just reset to act 1
    let me know what you guys think!


    me pikanoob
    dewar (ported tails knuckles and the options menu)

    me pikanoob chron d protogent

    level desing:

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  2. silvs64

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    May 4, 2020
    Speaking as a person that comes from the discord server, I'd say there hasn't been to much changed compared to the SHC version aside from new characters and various moves being shared from other hacks. Maybe try get the bosses to have some kind of pinch mode in the 2nd release or even more unique phases, maybe even some new move mechanics. Hell, even less move mechanics. Overall this demo has something boiling up for the next version, but it'll still need a bit more tinkering to it.
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  3. DeltaWooloo

    DeltaWooloo Hello. Member

    Aug 7, 2019
    Let's start with the pros:
    • I'll give you props for Sonic's art and animation. I like his S2B running sprites, and his falling animation from CD is a nice touch.
    • Good effort in porting Knuckles and Tails; the SFXes needs fixing, though =/
    • An option for the extended camera is a great choice as some people have their opinions about it.
    • The level design is awful. There are so many cut chunks, and the Eggman monitors are pointless adding in. Why? Let's go to the second problem.
    • The homing attack doesn't fit 2D Sonic games well. You spam it until the end with no compromises, not to mention with the Eggman monitors. It bugs me a lot to see hacks adding that feature without a purpose.
    • The special stages need a lot of work. You're over-rewarding the player with an extra life and a chaos emerald next to each other. That's no good! =P
    • Some features I see is more of a novelty, such as the jumping victory animation. I don't see that as memorable in my book.
    • The music needs a lot of work. It seems like you're using the general instruments.
    Overall, I wasn't impressed with the hack. It really needs a lot of work for the next update. However, I'm impressed with the potential of this hack. I do wish you luck into improving upon the hack!
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  4. KZG4

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    Jul 30, 2016
    It is clear to me that you put a lot of effort into making this hack, and I commend your work. However, It's clear to me that you focused too much on adding a lot rather than polishing what you already had. While most of delta's criticisms feel a bit nitpick-y to me, I do agree with him that the level design is bad. The levels have good ideas in some areas, but the majority of it is meh.

    One example of what I mean is in GHZ1. I fell into a pit and was given two paths, going left or going right. Going left took me to a special stage monitor, and when I finished the special stage I was taken to the previous checkpoint. On the right, I walked until I found a spring, but escaping with the spring is blocked by an invisible wall. This forces the player to go through the special stage to escape, which is not good. In this section, the floor chunks are also cut off at the bottom, which does not look good.

    Tails and Knuckles feel like random additions, and the levels don't feel like they are designed around their move sets. The only part where I did feel that one of these characters was, funnily enough, in that GHZ1 pit. Here, choosing Tails allowed me to escape easily. I cannot tell if this is intentional or if it was simply a fluke.

    The music also can go from sounding bad to sounding decent. While I feel that the hate for the default mid2smps instruments is a bit unjust, the songs would benefit from more variety in terms of instruments used.

    Overall, this hack was meh. While I do see effort was put in, you did not spend enough time polishing this before releasing it. This feels more like a rom you would dump on discord to let your friends test more that a proper demo. I'm feeling a decent to strong 5/10 for this hack.
  5. Mr. Joker 27 Music prod.

    Mr. Joker 27 Music prod. Musician, composer, remixer. Member

    Aug 26, 2016
    Could you wait more time to release an update from your hack?. Fix those cutted chunks man, this needs more time and practice for launch an update.
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  6. Jdpense

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    Jan 2, 2013
    No where-ville
    I just finished playing the demo for this hack, and I will say that it's a pretty nice start for a beginner! I thought the layouts were quite alright for the most part however, there were some weirdly unfinished sections as others have already stated, and there was sections that felt a little repetitious such as those huge half loop sections with platforms in Green Hill Act 2. There were also some weirdly place objects in Act 3 such as those GHZ solid walls suspended in the air.

    As for the music, I know others here will disagree with me on this, but I honestly liked the music ports for the most part with their general pitch and tempo. Although I do feel that some tracks felt a little too loud for me such as the boss and options theme.

    Overall, I see potential for this project to grow and I hope for you to keep improving on it!
  7. Mr. Joker 27 Music prod.

    Mr. Joker 27 Music prod. Musician, composer, remixer. Member

    Aug 26, 2016
    He will learn, he must take patience, is normal to be confused with the loud instrumentation, he will discover more instruments for use in his music, etc.

    This is a work that it cost me 9 years to learn, but for arriving at this level, is necessary to take patience and stay calm, otherwise, anger and despair could kick in if you don't control your actions.
    So here there are talented hackers that are telling you how to fix your bugs and, they help with some advice to you, take it, and enjoy. :)
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  8. JerTH

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    Jan 25, 2021
    Oh, I forgot to mention, the music in the current version is actually a place holder. Me and another composer are working on new mixes for Green Hill.
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  9. Stdh

    Stdh Newcomer Trialist

    Jan 11, 2021
    indeed exepct for ghz act 2 chron did that one
  10. Giovanni

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    Apr 16, 2015
    I gave this a play.
    This is a strong starting point you've got. I appreciate the inclusion of Tails and Knuckles (albeit with incorrect sound effects), and I thank you for keeping the extended camera an option.
    However, I feel work is needed to be done.
    As stated by other users before me, the level design needs some serious work. There's a large amount of cut off chunks throughout the levels, plus some sections really feel like they were taken straight from Sonic 1. One particular mistake you made that I absolutely despised was that giant wall of Obj44s at the end of act 3. Never do something like that.
    It may just be me, but I feel that the new chunks for Green Hill make the level seem much blander than the original game's level, which is never a good sign..
    I would also check the collision if I were you, seeing that I've faced multiple collision issues throughout the levels.

    As for the music, let's say I'm glad that the tracks are placeholders.
    The musical quality is inconsistent. Some tracks do sound pretty nice (like GHZ1 and 2). However, other tracks sound extremely bland (like the Title Screen).

    Furthermore, I was totally displeased in seeing the Homing Attack as one of the moves for Sonic. Many people have already expressed their displeasure for that move, and I stand with those people. I feel that the Homing Attack should stay in 3D Sonic, where it was meant to be.

    Overall, I was not a fan of the hack, but I'm certain it will improve over time.

    EDIT(s): Minor grammar, punctuation and formatting edits.
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  11. Stdh

    Stdh Newcomer Trialist

    Jan 11, 2021
    So thanks to the reviews of the hack this hack will be changed alot
    1. Level desing will be worked on for way longer (with help of Mr joker 27)
    2. Music will be improved on
    3. The homing attack has been removed (witch was something we wanted to do a long time ago)
    When a new version comes out it will be quite changed like this one.
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