Sonic Hacking Contest 2019

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  1. Spanner

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    Aug 9, 2007
    Please vote! You have until Wednesday 20th March to do so!

    This year's contest judges have been discussing the trophies and how to split them for months on end, and at this point we have essentially reached a deadlock where things just cannot be settled by ourselves alone.
    Therefore we have decided to let the people decide, with the thinking behind it being the opinions of many being better than an opinion of few. Once the people have decided we will announce further details of this year's contest.

    We are sorry for the long delay this year in getting things sorted to this point but you've still got until around the end of October as always before the first deadlines are reached, and with the contest week taking place in December.

    Please decide for us because we can't:

    Choice 1: Overall Top 3, a split of types, and then a split of categories. Top 3 Retro, Top 3 3D, Top 3 2D PC, Best Looking Entry, Best Sounding Entry, Best Gameplay.

    Choice 2: Overall Top 3, and a split mix of types and categories. Top 3 Retro overall, Top 3 3D overall, Top 3 2D PC overall, Best looking Retro entry, Best looking 3D entry, Best looking 2D PC entry, Best sounding Retro entry, Best sounding 3D entry, etc.

    Choice 3: Overall list of all entries graded. No splits of types or categories. A full list is shown at the end of all entries and their grades.

    All choices would still have special trophies such as Most Improved Since Last Year, Entry With Most Potential, and Most WTF (Polygon Jim) Trophy.

    Once the final vote is in, this post will be changed with the chosen trophy list.
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  2. EMK-20218

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    Aug 8, 2008
    It's very hard to decide. All the choices are very good, but I opt for the first one. We have a very big quantity of modding varieties. Mania Modding, Genesis mods, 3D game mods and etc, so I think it would be unfair to put all the projects together to compete in the same level, especially when certain methodologies are kind of incomparable between themselves in terms of effort and aesthetical result. I'm going for the first one, splitting the champions between the categories from that they were made from, rewarding each job in its proper category.
  3. ProjectFM

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    Oct 4, 2014
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    I'd go with choice two mainly because the game engines are so different in terms of design, it's difficult to compare them against one another. For example, there could be an amazing soundtrack for a Mania mod and another for and another for a hack, and the Mania mod would sound better because of the freedom the engine allows. The judges would have to figure out how they can adjust how they judge each in order to not give the Mania mod the advantage, and every judge would do that differently, complicating the judging process and making the final decision feel less fair. A more dramatic difference would be for the best visuals award, in which the judges would be comparing pixel art to textured models which are affected by lighting. It would just be comparing apples and oranges.

    Another reason is that I'd go with that option is because there are people who care only about modding 3D games, modding Mania, or hacking. Most people who care about the contest don't have a 3D game or Mania to mod, so a lot of those people would be only looking at hacks. Those people would prefer to see only which hacks win certain awards, so it would make sense to not mix those hacks up in the same pool as the other games those people may not care about.

    There isn't really a disadvantage to extra trophies. More trophies will make each one feel less special, but I doubt there will be so many that that's noticeable. If you really need to compromise, you could merge the Mania and 2D art trophies as well as the Mania and 3D sound trophies and so on.
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  4. AkumaYin

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    Aug 21, 2014
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    My vote goes to choice one. While I would appreciate separate "top 3" awards for each different category, I feel that having different "best looking", "best sounding", etc. trophies would cause more clutter than is necessary.
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  5. Clownacy

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    Aug 15, 2014
    Just a reminder to get your votes in by Wednesday.