A Reminder Regarding Showroom Threads

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    Apr 30, 2013
    So recently we've had a decent number of threads regarding new hacks and progress on said hacks popping up in the showroom, and I'm glad to see it. The fact that new content is being circulated around the community is certainly a good thing, and we do encourage you to keep working on your projects.

    However, there's been a noticeable amount of threads started for hacks that are not far enough along in development to be properly showcased, change very little about the game and would be better suited for the Minihack Thread, or are simply a list of ideas the author has. Please bear in mind that we have guidelines for new thread submissions to showcase. They can be found here if you have not read them. We have been lenient for progress threads that don't have a ROM yet but have changed enough about the base game to warrant showcase. Changing the palette in GHZ and moving a few chunks around does not meet that requirement. Furthermore, if you do have a ROM to showcase, we require screenshots and/or videos that portray the major changes made to the game.

    Also, in case it wasn't implicitly clear, we don't like idea threads. Not only are they unproductive, but they clutter the space for those who have actually made progress on their projects. If all you have to offer in your thread is ideas, do not make a new thread. If you're still uncertain as to what would or would not make an acceptable thread, then please peruse the other threads in showcase and learn from their example.

    Thank you.
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