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    Oct 7, 2011
    Did a little fun demo for the Mega Drive over the last few months. No spoilers of course you silly goofus. Go download it instead!

    Ok fine you can go watch the hardware recording if you must.

    Did this little thing over a few weeks. Took me quite a while to settle into the current method. It's just delta coding replacing earlier graphics from a massive list. It's possible you see some tearing. Audio is at ~26KHz and video is mostly at 60fps (thank you interpolated video). The video is massive at around 18MB, but I wanted to make the quality as high as possible, while the music is 5.5MB. Also there is a neat VGM engine that is broken on BlastEm because of course it is.

    Why? Well I saw the MegaCD version by Ralakimus and just thought it would be a fun project. It was surprisingly difficult but hey, I got to do a cool thing I guess?
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