Egg Factory ReMastered

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  1. FireRat

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    Oct 31, 2009

    Blast your way through the stage with new art and music! Fight new and improved bosses! Explore the previously unseen area and see the conclusion! The future of the Sonic's world is in your hands...
    This version of the game introduces new gameplay features!...

    Power of the six shields:
    Insta Shield - When used, can destroy bullets and bombs
    Blue Shield - Invincibility to bullets, can destroy bombs
    Yellow Shield - Rings magnet
    Red Shield - Jump Dash
    White Shield - Double Jump
    Purple Shield - Powerful blast

    B/C in mid-air - Insta-Shield
    Holding A in mid-air - Drop Dash
    Pressing A/B/C next to a wall - Wall Jump (will be useful in some places~)
    Down+A/B/C - Spin Dash

    HardLine Team Staff


    Known Issues:
    - Incorrect Drop Dash behavior (Thanks MainMemory)
    - First boss catches the camera too early
    - On second phase from second boss, when dying by passing Eggman, a dust sprite appears on left or right of screen (depending of where Eggman came from)
    - It is hard to catch rings again when hit
    - Spindash momentum is cancelled if player jumps inmediately after release
    - Final explosion, ending sequence and title screen do need some visual refinement
    - 'Jumpy' screen intros.
    - 1 chunk has incorrect collision properties.
    - Taking a 10 rings monitor while having more than 100 rings will play leftover 1-up song.
    - Choppy PSG Noise on PAL systems, introduced thanks to the super dirty tempo 'fix'.
    - Song names doesn't display for this version. Time constraints.
    - No credits screen. Again, time constraints.
    - The Tornado's sprite during the ending may appear too low, or perhaps out screen area.
    - (Experimental) Insta-shield turns Sonic invincible to lasers until touching the ground, to ease the boss fight. Judge it yourself.
    - Drop Dash's sfx will stop the percussion for a while (because single-channel PCM player)

    Rev01 will be released soon. It will include fixes for every item from above spoiler and for any new bugs that get reported during the time span. Some extra content may or not be added (at least from mine part and under agreement) depending the reception.
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  2. pixelcat

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    May 31, 2014
    i did level design too :c
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  3. โบวี่

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    Dec 27, 2011
    So isn't an egg factory basically a hen house?...
    That's one big hen house in if I do say so myself. And in outer space nonetheless.

    Poor chickens died at the end because it imploded. :c
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  4. FireRat

    FireRat Do Not Interact With This User, Anywhere!!! Exiled

    Oct 31, 2009
    Ok, it has been almost a week and I got some energy to begin works on Rev01; fix any known issues, and refine some details here and there.
    That said, I have a super tiring job now that takes almost all of my energy, and I found that I only work best if I first plan everything I have to do, and then just "follow the path" when I get on my PC, respecting an internal deadline.
    For this one reason, I was meant to take into account any suggestions for any new features throghout this week to fit them properly on my dev time, but time's up and I think I'm closing the door unless I see something important enough that changes both my mind and plans. Sorry for this!
    As a side note, Drop Dash was meant to have an FM version of its sfx, that couldn't get done on time, so Plan B was to install a PCM version of it instead (else it's hard to differentiate when you do or don't have it enabled, thinking gameplay-wise). A FM version of it has been asked again (I don't think I could properly do it myself, music & sound has been my greatest issue for years), though it's unsure if will it or not be ready. If it isn't, I will install DualPCM driver, to at least avoid overriding the percussion.
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