Gex The Gecko in Sonic 1

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What would you rather I do next?

  1. Continue with this and add new zone/enemy art and Music

  2. Start working on Gex in Sonic 2

  1. JoenickROS

    JoenickROS ROS (bug fixing in progress) Member

    Feb 5, 2012
    Alright well I came across a sprite sheet of Gex and had the idea of putting him into Sonic 1 but have him play like he does in his game (Gex 1). Long story short the sprite artists got wind of the project and wanted to help me with it. First here are some screenshots...

    A - Press to Tail whip, can also be used in the air.
    B - Hold to run, makes Gex faster and gives him a higher jump height.
    C - Jump and while jumping Gex can use the Tail bounce attack by pressing/holding down, he will be vulnerable if you are not using it. While underwater you will also be able to swim by continuously pressing the jump button.​

    Monitors: Alright there are a couple new ones to note.
    Paw Print - adds one hit point to your counter (located at the top right corner of the screen)
    LadyBug - Replenishes your hit point counter​

    You can no longer just get to the end of an act to finish it, you have to find a TV remote to progress which is hidden somewhere in the act. (this manual that was made by Gecko1993 gives you hints to where some remotes are (its not completed) if needed There is also a special remote that if you have that collected after the title card you will be instantly transported to the special stage.
    The acts have been modified a bit so that backtracking is possible if you were to get to the end of the act without the remote. Collecting 100 golden flies will give you an extra life and reset the counter to 0 (Gex does not lose them when hit). There is no longer a time limit so explore each act till your heart's content!​

    Known Issues:
    The Carterkiller cant be destroyed with the tail whip, and in SLZ 2 the deformation screws up at the top of the level. A ton of odd sound bugs occur with AMPS when using Exodus 2.1.​

    Credits: Alright that about does it, now on to the credits! (also included in the games end credits)
    PacManFan64 - Gex sprites, bug tester
    Gecko1993 - Manual, Monitor art, and bug tester
    Natsumi - AMPS Driver and helping me fix bugs after installation
    MarkeyJester - Duel PCM, code for extending the run cycle to 10 frames instead of 4

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  2. Ravenfreak

    Ravenfreak Still hacking the 8-bit titles Member

    Feb 10, 2010
    O'Fallon, MO
    Gex is one of my favorite platformers, so this is a pretty awesome hack! I voted for the first option, I would love to hear a Genesis remix of the Planet X's map theme and see this become a full fledged hack. :)
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  3. MarkeyJester

    MarkeyJester ♡ ! Member

    Jun 27, 2009
    I like the idea.

    But I cannot help but feel (and forgive me for my criticism here) that this just... doesn't have the same feel that Gex does. I think the wall climbing is a VERY important gimmick which gives Gex its unique flavour, it's what separates it from many other games. If you don't have that, then this is shuttled to nothing more than a sprite swap hack (I know it's not, I see many of the controls are implemented, and pretty accurately, but it's this one move which is absolutely vital in separating it from the other mediocre hacks, and pushing it into a unique form). I will definitely look forward to a new release if you do plan on implementing the wall climbing. Now, GHZ is difficult due to a lack of side walls to climb on, however, you could still abuse the birdseye wall climb on the GHZ walls behind the character.

    Another element I would love to see, is the licking. Having the monitors spawn a fly and needing to collect it via a lick, and using the flame/ice/spark abilities would be icing on the cake.

    Again, a great idea, and a good direction thus far, but you really must look into wall climbing as an option, as a heavy fan of Gex for decades now, I cannot stress that enough! Well done so far though~
  4. Razor

    Razor Active Member Member

    Oct 8, 2014
    I have an issue in Marble Zone Act 2, since the room is too close to the end of the act and the screen gets locked if you have gotten the regular TV remote making it impossible to go further to the left. The only way to collect them both in a single run is to get the special remote first which makes the whole thing a bit unfair and more of a hassle.

    EDIT: well, yeah, I see it's not there and found the place where it's hidden, but still, there's a whole area that gets cut off if you want to go there and explore, which you cannot reach.
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  5. JoenickROS

    JoenickROS ROS (bug fixing in progress) Member

    Feb 5, 2012
    Hey its been a while but I have an update, (also I fixed your concern Razor) anyway those who have played Gex before will understand what I am showing.
    Now I am tweaking his move set to be even more accurate. (like the tail bounce) Another thing to do is add climbing which I may need some assistance with if anyone is interested, anyway one question I have for you is, should I release another version with the climbing and improved move set or wait until all the art and layouts are changed to work with Gex's gameplay?
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  6. TheInvisibleSun

    TheInvisibleSun Visible Member

    Jul 2, 2013
    Western New York, USA
    I'd wait and release a demo of a completed stage, so people have a more accurate idea of the project's goal/aim.
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