Having Trouble with Hidden Palace's Warp Function, is there a way to fix it up?

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    Apr 23, 2020
    Hello again Fellow Members of SSRG! For the past 4 days i have been porting the Scrapped Hidden Palace zone Graphics and enemies to Sonic 2 (Redz,V-Bat, Alligator badnik and Stego are Fully functional) But when it Comes To the warp around in the Green Unclimbable Slope i'm seeing that said Warp is Pretty broken and unfinished, any way that i could fix it up?
    P.S: i have Provided a Video about it(Sorry about the Bad audio it has, that is thanks to the Compression i used on it so that i could provide it here) to show what i mean and to know if there is anyway to fix it up. Used Github dissasembly and Beta Graphics to restore the Graphics up, and enabled the warp around in the Level size sections in the main S2.asm file.

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