How to make a song with mid2smps

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    Let me clear the terms up a bit.

    Trackers use a table-like interface. They usually come with a set of predefined effects and you often use custom instrument samples. They save "Module files". Some trackers have MIDI export, but that often doesn't work well.
    Examples: OpenMPT, Famitracker, DefleMask
    They mostly aren't suited for MIDI editing, because they are their "own" thing.

    DAWs are made for music production. They usually let you record and edit WAV and MIDI. VST instruments use MIDI for communication. DAWs focus on production, so they allow for lots of things and effects raw MIDI can't do.
    Examples: FL Studio, Logic Pro
    Since DAWs can usually import and export MIDIs and allow for automation for quick and easy volume/pitch effects. You might not be able to use all of MIDI (like SysEx events) and the MIDI import/export functions might have some limits. (e.g. 12-tone pitch slides in FL Studio) But they're nice for MIDI editing.

    What I call MIDI editor or MIDI sequencer are programs that allow for low-level MIDI editing. They usually feature things like a piano roll and an event editor. Most MIDI editors also have automation features and you can often specify instrument names by editing external files. (Yamaha XG has instrument IDs different from Roland GS)
    Examples: Anvil Studio and Sekaiju (or WinJammer and MIDI Orchestrator Plus, but those are pretty old by now)
    MIDI editors can save directly in MIDI format. They sometimes allow you to store songs in their own custom project format in order to store additional information, but you lose barely anything if you just save as MIDI.
    They are the best choice for MIDI editing, especially if you want to use advanced things like NRPNs and SysEx commands. (I love NRPNs.)
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