How to make Clock Work Act 3 Playable (Sonic 1 Proto Disam. Tutorial)

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    This tutorial will teach you on how to make Clock Work Act 3 playable if you are using the prototype disassembly as a base for your hack.

    NOTE: I will be using Beta Filter's Sonic 1 Prototype Disassembly for this tutorial.

    What you will need:

    SonLVL (Level editing program)
    ConTEXT (script editing program)
    HxD (Hex editing program)

    STEP 1: Adding Act 3 layout
    In your current directory where you put the proto disassembly, you want to go to Level > Clock Work Zone. You will see something like this:
    Now copy the "Layout1.bin", paste it, and rename it to "Layout3.bin":
    You now should have a third layout for Act 3.

    STEP 2: Adding Act 3 in the main asm.
    Now what you want to do is open ConTEXT and open "sonic1proto.asm", you then want to search for "Level_CWZ3"

    Click "Find" or Press Enter and it lead to this specific line:
    Now put the following next to "Level_CWZ3_empty:"

    STEP 3: Adding Act 3 in SonLVL.
    We are still not done yet. You want go to SonLVL > SonLVL.ini and open it. You then want scroll the bottom till you see this till you see [Clock Work Zone Act 2]. You want to then copy and paste the Clock Work Zone Act 2, replace the Act 2 with Act 3, and make sure that the layout and objects are pointing to to Act 3 files (ignore the bglayout):
    Now open SonLVL, and then open SonLVL.ini to where you saved the directory to the disam. Then change the level to Clock Work Zone Act 3. It should look like this:
    You can now edit act 3! However you still need to access Act 3 to make it playable.

    STEP 4: Making CWZ Act 3 Playable thru Level Select.
    Go to Misc > ls_point.bin. You must open it thru HxD, as it requires some hex editing. Set the value to where its underlined red to 2, as it will make it easier. Now go to "00000022 85 00" and replace the "85 00" to "05 02", and then save it.

    Now when you build the rom, activate the level select and select Act 3 of CWZ. If done correctly it should look like this:

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