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Discussion in 'Site News' started by MarkeyJester, Aug 15, 2012.

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  1. MarkeyJester

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    Jun 27, 2009
    We are going to start this again, and we are going to have NO problems, if anyone has a "problem" with this, I'm sure we can find a more suitable place to discuss this:


    For those of you who are unaware, we have moved the IRC channel from to, our move is based on the multiple idiots of this fucking forum who keep contacting us on the PM system, explaining that they are banned on the network and cannot get to the channel, I don't know about the other staff, but personally it is pissing me off. I am a man of fairness however, and feel that regardless of the stupidity of these members, they don't deserve to be judged by us based on how they act towards SonicRetro.

    Oerg866 brought to my attention recently (though I think he may have edited it out, I can't be bothered checking), that the banned members were Tongara and Tobin. Let me put this in your thick skull Oerg, I don't give a shit about them, I haven't cared for Tongara since he started giving me shit when we first met, and Tobin I haven't cared for since how he treated Spanner along with Tongara in the hacking contest podcast, and I also don't care if they're reading this now. The idiots who keep contacting us through the PM system, although I don't care for them either, they haven't done anything "wrong", they are who I am more interested in frankly.

    We have chosen Storm-Bit as a compromise, our reason for this is because of Reverie, he has been a moderator for the channel since the beginning of its existance on, noone has had a problem with him, and I (as well as everyone else) have full trust in him. He recommended Storm-Bit due to his own experience, and the fact that he has additional power and can supply us with necessary support if needed.

    You can obtain access to the channel by means of an "IRC client", there are plenty around on the web, search for them.


    Channel Name: #ssrg


    If you have any questions or issues you would like for us to clear up, then by all means ask away.

    A word of advice, be very clear on what it is you are asking, or what your issue is, we will only answer once, if you fail to accept it as an answer, then we will give you more than just an answer. I... ...will promise you that, don't you worry.
  2. amphobius

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    Feb 24, 2008
    United Kingdom
    I would also like to clear up as a server admin on StormBit that we have no issues with hosting the SSRG irc channel and I want to help the channel in any way I can. This does not mean I will be taking a higher position in the channel - all it means is that I can activate vhosts and other server related stuff. Reverie unfortunately is having a crisis at the minute, but the main details of this are private. If you have a problem, I suggest talking to Selbi, the channel owner, Antoligy, one of the main admins on StormBit (or Alex) or myself. If the problem with Reverie is cleared she will also be in the channel for assistance.

    Additionally I would also like to say that StormBit was chosen by Selbi. Other networks were considered.

    On a lighter note I would like Pro Users to contact Selbi as they are supposed to be given automatic voice on the channel. Only other requirement is to register your nick on the channel - once that's done you're all set.
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