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    Metal Sonic Rebooted is a complete heavy modification of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 with extensive amount of new art, layouts, mechanics, music, and features that in total creates a different experience.

    Nonexistent Story:
    Dr'Robotnik has built an advanced army of badniks to search for the Chaos Emeralds, and it's up to Metal Sonic to find the emeralds before them by destroying everything in his way to show Robotnik he shouldn't be replaced.

    • Spindash - + A/B/C
    • Overdrive Attack - + A/B/C (cost 5 RINGS)
    • Fastfall - tap after jumping. use this to bounce higher by holding the jump button
    • Vertical Aerial Dash - + A/B after jumping. (cost 10 RINGS)
    • Diagonal Aerial Dash (Super only) - or + A/B after jumping. (cost 5 RINGS)
    • Overclocked Mode - press C after jumping. Requires 200 Rings to overheat Metal Sonic for extended invincibility and speed that quickly drains your Rings to death. Can also turn Super with All 7 Chaos Emeralds and 50 Rings.
    NOTE: You can roll (A/B/C ) in midair while on a walking state.

    Gameplay Features:
    • Introducing Bomb from Knuckles Chaotix as a temporary sidekick. mirrors your movement in Special Stages and explodes Rings when hit.
    • By taking advantage of the amount of rings you have, Rings carries over each act or checkpoint.
    • You start off with 3 Continues in Normal difficulty, but zero in Hard.
    • Getting hit will only lose 15 Rings. (Hard Mode is back to zero)
    • All Special Stage layouts are changed, having Bomb will moderately increase the amount of total rings. (except at Hard Mode)
    • Monitors can be randomized as a toggleable option.
    • Knuckles is playable as an April Fools joke by pressing , , , , A at the Title Screen.

    Fun Facts:

    • Playing in NTSC-J region will translate the title screen logo to Japanese.
    • Sonic 2 Level Select, and Debug Mode cheats will still function but Continues Cheat will grant you 999 Rings + Bomb.
    • Diving into Water will cancel Overclocked Mode.
    • Metal Sonic can't drown underwater but Knuckles can.
    • Slowducking from Sonic 3 & Knuckles has been adapted.
    • Metal Sonic Rebooted is a spiritual successor to Metal Sonic Hyperdrive.

    01: Cosmic Carnage - Title Theme
    02: Cosmic Carnage - Cylic Fully Armored
    03: Virtua Racing Deluxe - Name Entry
    04: Megaman Zero 4 - Max Heat (SMPS)
    05: Cosmic Carange - Talmac's Stage
    06: Yuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen - Devilish Forest BGM
    07: Shura no Mon - Battle Theme 2
    08: Cosmic Carnage - Deamon's Stage
    09: Hybrid Front - Earth Rebellion Fight BGM 2
    0A: Cosmic Carnage - Yug's Stage
    0B: Yu Yu Hakusho: Gaiden - BGM 5
    0C: Columns III - Scene of Carnage
    0D: Virtua Racing Deluxe - Time Extend 3
    0E: Virtua Racing Deluxe - Records
    0F: Virtua Racing Deluxe - Pit-Out
    10: Cosmic Carnage - Tyr Fully Armored
    11: Mega Man: The Wily Wars - Wily's Tower Stage Select
    12: Knuckles Chaotix - Tachy Touch
    13: Hybrid Front - Tactics Preparation
    14: Dangerous Seed - Stage 7 Boss Twin Claw
    15: Virtua Racing Deluxe - Big Forest
    16: Metal Head - Medallion
    17: Virtua Racing Deluxe - Laps 4
    18: Cosmic Carange - Game Over
    19: Virtua Racing Deluxe - Pit-In
    1B: Viewpoint - Un Caillou Ricochet
    1C: Sonic 3D Blast - Staff Roll
    1E: Sonic 3D Blast - Act Clear

    KCEXE - Music and SFX ports from various Genesis/Megadrive games
    Eduardo Knuckles - Music for Magma Factory (2nd Zone)
    Clownacy - Sonic 2 Clone Driver v2
    Dark Sonic - Hardware Testing for v1.1

    Changelog since SHC2017 Winner Build:
    • Fixed missing Spiny shot animation
    • Introduced Overclocked Mode
    • Some crashes are fixed, hack should play fine on hardware with no problems. (Mostly tested with BlastEm I still lack an Everdrive)
    • Special Stages are now a little easier.
    • Getting Hit will only lose 15 rings.
    • Overdrive Attack (Not_Peel-out) costs 5 rings.
    • Neo Utopia Boss is replaced with CPZ's boss, EHZ boss is at the 2nd act of Iron Abyss.
    • Vertical Aerial Dash will not freeze horizontal momentum (better for longjumps), and Diagonal Aerial Dash is now a Super-only move.
    • Sonic 2 Continues Cheat from options (1,1,2,4) will grant 999 Rings + Bomb at the start.
    • Knuckles Mode (↑ ↓ ← → A on Title Screen)
    • Minor (or major?) level design improvements for every act.

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