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    Sep 27, 2014
    After some rummaging through my PC, i fell on it:

    My first ever hack, i used Esrael Sonic Editor II, Sonik Sprite ect.. "Ashuro the bagder - Omega", just my very first hack, started early 2014.

    My second hack made with ESEII too, a palette/layout hack with Ashuro... "Ashuro Chronicles"...

    And the hack i started, and then dropped, to start with the hack Ashuro the badger (and afterward Sonic & Ashuro), is called Sonic Legend.
    This hack is a Sonic hack (lol, the first and last time i did a hack with only sonic :p )
    With various level, sprite and gameplay edits, in fact it was a "test" hack, to training myself with animations, asm basics ect...
    I made it with Soned2.
    The hack isn't playable, only GHZ and MZ are done, and i started to edit the LZ1 (very interesting, look at this, particularly the art of MZ and LZ1).

    EDIT: OH! I almost forgot it, i have another hack, "ReadySonic Hivebrain" (i don't why i called it like this). A Sonic hack in 4 Green Hill... interesting too. (i tested some things in in).

    And the last: Ashuro in Hell, because i wanted to recreate my very first hack Ashuro the badger - Omega, but with my knowledge of Today. I dropped it after 2 days, don't know why (so many things to do with sonic & Ashuro).

    Thank you.

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