nineko's MIDI to XM to SMPS guide

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    Mar 24, 2008
    I admit that I got lazy and I never wrote the next parts of the guide, but for the time being, I can give you a generic suggestion (which is what I actually do, by the way). With my MIDI editor, change the Time Division from 480 to other values, such as 720 or 960, with the "rescale" option enabled, then change it back to 480 without the "rescale" option enabled. In this way the whole MIDI will be 1.5× or 2× dilated than before, allowing you to access a wider range of tempos. Just remember to fix the XM tempo accordingly (e.g. if it was 3/100 and you 1.5×'d it change it to 3/150), and that by doing this you'll be more likely to hit the 50 rows bug in Mod Plug Tracker. Obvious note: don't use weird values such as 1.2× or so, just try 1.5× and 2× otherwise the MIDI will be affected by jitters again when imported.

    Alternatively, you can add a Meta Event 81 (Set Tempo) at position 0 of the MIDI file, with a value of 437956. For some reason, Mod Plug Tracker will import this with a halved resolution (so once again set the XM tempo accordingly, if it was 3/100 now it should be 3/50), but be careful because you might lose precision with faster notes.
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