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    As could be assumed from the title... Project Tokyo Debut 1990 was a project aimed to replicate the Sonic 1 parallax scrolling demo presented at the 1990 Tokyo Toy Show.

    Initially started back in 2021, I'd had *exceptionally* little experience in rom hacking, and as such was not ready to create something of this scale, at least impressively. March of 2022 came around, and while my coding skills had not increased drastically, I'd found a team of awesome people that were willing to help make my dream become a reality.

    Updates were consistent all throughout 2022 to 2023, occasionally tweaking the engine, sprites, everything so I could attempt to make this project as 1:1 as possible with the original demo (at least, visually). There were bumps in the road, it was definitely not easy, and I was quite exhausted of working on it by the time the end of 2023 came around.

    Releasing it on December 23rd, 2023, I was completely burnt out and had figured it was close enough to the original that it shouldn't really matter anyway... "only those who had an extremely keen eye would find differences between the screenshots and the replica", I thought. While being unsatisfied releasing it in this state, I found happiness in knowing it was probably the closest anyone had come recreating the original thing 1:1, and that I really did put my heart into practically everything that was seen here.

    ...Then, along came January 16th, 2024 - A magazine containing all-new screenshots was revealed; the first time we'd really received any new screenshots of this demo since around 2021 :D (I really couldn't have worse timing.)

    So, that's the backstory of my Sonic 1 Tokyo Toy Show 1990 replica. Apologies for the long-winded post, I just felt it would be informative for those who wanted to learn more. (Yes, as mentioned earlier in the post, I am very aware that there are a few inaccuracies and unintended bugs here; hopefully the experience will still be enjoyable regardless.)
    In-game Screenshots:
    PTD on SSRG1.png PTD on SSRG2.png
    PTD on SSRG3.png PTD on SSRG4.png

    Project head -
    Laffy Taffy
    Programming - Crunch Brunch, RayisEpic, Samrtass, MattGamer, Inferno
    Assets - Laffy Taffy, Samrtass
    Level Music - Samrtass
    Test and Feedback - Sleekflash-16, E Dogg, Aydenrw
    Project Icon (Seen in this post, silly) - MDTravis
    Special Thanks - MDTravis, MrLordSith, Hard4Games_Tony

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