SHC Anthology - prototype builds (cancelled)

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    Aug 22, 2018
    Brazil Bad Future
    I'm making this hack where I had given it's name for a really special reason. it is meant to be the "Sonic Mania" of the Hacking scene. by that I mean its premise is to pay homage for many sonic hacks that I played during the 2010's as a edgy teenager, Through the level art, zone music and etc.

    here's a screenshot. with two references already :v

    you'll see plenty of references and assets "remixed". if you were one of those sonic fans back then you'll instantly remind yourself of A LOT of sonic hacks you had played, even considering that this first release is a prototype, meant to be a short proof of concept, like S1 tokyo toy show demo.

    even though I'm confident to say you'll have a lot of fun. I'm working really hard with the level design and it's gimmicks. btw here's the level map. hope to receive feedback about it. it is meant to be big and horizontal as SCD, but not as cluttered and wacky. :^P

    it seems it is mostly complete but from the scope I'm aiming for, it is just half complete. I quickly sewed up the top section with the sign post so you could at least finish the level. :^P

    heres today's build. May 11, 2022 prototype
    SHCA MAY11.bin

    when playing, please take notice that it is a prototype build okay? so try experiencing it instead of blindlessly playing it. and if you want to make a video of it, please make your audience aware of this, showcase as much of the level design and the unique level gimicks as you can, and don't put much emphasis on the second act, since it is mostly broken.

    "why are you releasing prototype builds?"
    because it is far more straight foward, and with enough attention and feedback it will further help me to keep motivated to work on it, and deliver more content with each prototype builds I'm planning to release from now on.
    from what i've seen nowadays in the hacking scene, it seems better to do things this way, instead of working on larger and more demanding releases that will only give you stress and demotivation for working on them for too long, only to like, cancel the whole project after (or even earlier) the first "demo release" because you didn't received enough motivation during the whole production.

    besides, even if it's short, this release is much better than my last two hacks lol


    Mr. Joker 27: act 1 music
    taken from one of the songs used in GHZ act 3 from Sonic harder levels, which I got inspiration from when working on the zone. he made an outstanding remix which is so long I want him to cut half of it to make act 2 music :'v

    AngelKOR64: coding
    He helped me to port and edit some badniks taken from S2 prototypes, they have been re-skinned so it won't be that easy to recall them >:3

    Lavagaming1 & yami: coding
    they both helped me to make Sonic's mid air gimmicks, taken from Sonic Eggland. though the code is fairly unoptmized, it prevents sonic from twirling in the air and it breaks the death sprite.

    And also people from SSRG discord, they have me cool tips and some guidance about the level art :v
    (if there's someone else I forgot sorry ;u; )

    Hope you guys are going to like it. I want to really fructify this project even further so I'm also aiming to post this build as a callout for help, if you are interested to help with coding and such call me on discord: Trickster#9246

    I have two lists of what to do, hope to deliver them in the next build. they're mainly focused on the gameplay at this moment.

    Incorporate cosmetic objects, so I can have more chunk space and touch up level art that seemed to be cut in half.

    Finish the level design, duh.

    tweak some graphics and polish sonic mid-air code

    And here's a list of things that ARE FAR out of my reach, in which I'm holding out for a hero to help me with coding ;u;

    Import S3K shields
    Change springs behavior because their solid hitbox is awful
    Add S3K object manager, so sonic won't be hit by projectiles that was shot by offscreen badniks and such.
    Add dropdash, walljump, extended camera, SCD time, all that fluff.
    tweak sonic animations (add 4th run animation, incorporate Sonic AGX idle animation, etc.)
    and much more obviously.
    anyway, that's it! have fun!

    also since you had read until here have these even older builds.
    one is just one month earlier and the other features a completely different palette, and level design (that is much shorter) I didn't like em so I quickly scrapped both.
    SHCA APR12.bin
    SHCA DEC13 21.bin

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  2. Angel X

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    Sep 15, 2017
    For what I played I liked it:D
    The level is fast and fun to play, the sprites in general are very nice to look at and the music is well matched to the zone.
    I did not take into account the bugs and the zone cut in half for the fact that this is a prototype.
    Can't wait to see the rest with all the fixes and additions, for sure a very nice rom hack will come out!
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  3. Dark Shamil Khan

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    Nov 7, 2021
    So I played the hack and wow, it looks incredible. With the music as well... I like the sprites, background, foreground. Yea you name it. Although short, is still nice. I should do a blind fold run and see how far I can go lol. Anyhow I really enjoyed it.
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  4. EddyTF

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    Jan 9, 2022
    I played a hack and I'll say that it's just awesome. The music is amazing, graphics, Sonic sprites. It is a pity that it is not completed, the project has great potential
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  5. Trickster

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    Aug 22, 2018
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    don't worry, I'll be updating the hack every month. I'm sort of struggling with coding right now but thankfully I have some amazing people who's assisting me about it.

    and thanks everyone for all your feedback. Glad to hear the stage is fast and fun! I had been updating the level layout meantime, to make it be more interesting to play. I found that some sections were looking a bit too cluttered and other sections didn't have anything interesting for the player to explore. like this brand new section for example!

    hope to bring a better prototype next month. see ya!
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  6. saan1ty

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    Mar 1, 2021
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    Looks great,I love how the layout looks so far
  7. Rayon123

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    Sep 26, 2021
    Good hack, there is potential. The level is beautiful and fun, the music is great, Sonic's sprites are very beautiful. I will wait for new versions.
  8. Trickster

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    Aug 22, 2018
    Brazil Bad Future
    hi there. sorry for not updating it every month.

    the thing is that when I hyperfixate into something, I just begin to burn out all my mental energy until i'm exausted and without any motivation to work on it. therefore I can't exactly post monthly updates, unless you guys want to see builds that has barely any progress :')
    although, gladly I can manage to go back to said hyperfixations once my battery is full. and boi i'm once again burning it all out. xD


    today's build is just for status update, and to celebrate SHC of this year. As you can see, the project got a massive overhaul that is being worked on.
    the first level is has now 100% CUSTOM LEVEL ART ASSETS, with brand new trees, grass, block pattern, and much more! it is also strikingly simmilar to the level it is being based on.


    which is the act 3 of GHZ from Sonic Harder Levels. I did that so it can be more faithful to the premise of this project, which is to take concepts from older hacks featured in SHC, and take said concepts to another level.

    And as I promised, here's the build. SHCA OCT10.bin

    and here's the level layout, keep in mind to explore it a little to help giving feedback ^w^ level design.png

    though keep in mind it is still a prototype build. there's bad collision, and chopped graphics in some parts, since the art objects weren't implemented yet. neither the animated tiles and level objects had their sprites updated to match the current level palette, causing their colors to look odd in some cases.
    and the layout is mostly the same, with only half of the chunks updated to the new level art, the rest is pretty much garbage data that is still playable somehow. I'd say it has less content than the previous build. but said content is good enough I think.

    I'm posting this build to receive feedbacks about the level art. How's looking like? is the aesthetics pleasing enough? is the overal themes of "autumn western forestry" well implemented? how pretty it is? is the level design good enough.

    anyway, have fun! I really wish I could make a build stable enough to host on SHC, but I'm now happy as how the project is looking now.

    from now on I'll obviously work on finishing the chunks, but most importantly, to change the level layout a little. i figured out that it is a bit feature creep-ish, it has way too many objects and paths. it was the reason why I stopped working on it, it exceeded the object capacity and was making everything glitch. Unless someone wants to help by extending the capacity, I'll keep working on toning it down.

    @DeltaWooloo helped with coding this time, they implemented that cool extended camera and removed the speed cap.

    Cool screenshots:


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  9. yami

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    Sep 24, 2020
    I really like what I'm seeing here! I'm loving the new visuals and I especially am a big fan of the section shown in the 4th screenshot that you've shown in your post. I also like a lot what you've done with the S-tubes in general, making them a lot more fluid and better looking! I wish you the best of luck with this hack!
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  10. Trickster

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    Aug 22, 2018
    Brazil Bad Future
    i received a DM about this mod yesterday, so if anyone is still wondering. the hack is canceled.

    I wasn't having fun with it anymore, I wanted to make something cool for people to play but seems like some people avoided playing it, and even interacting with me because I was "canceled".

    now bear with me, I'm not condemning the whole fandom with what you're about to read, but I just want to make things clear and get some stuff out of my chest.

    basically I met with the wrong people. I was "canceled" because I would do some edgy lewd shitposts at the same level of Sonic 2 XL but saltier.
    I regret making them as I was feeding too much drama and started to smell like a reddit moderator. I didn't even liked making them but I was encouraged from some of the NSFW groups to "bite back". I don't condone them but that was definitely the wrong call.

    As the consequenses of it was to have myself being framed as awful names. not because of me actually doing those things, but because of those salty shitposts, that led me to be attacked and harrased by twitter people for fun. (well you get what you deserve, right?)

    and while I was having to deal with this bs, would see before my eyes, actual predators and groomers, doing the same shady things I was being accused of, getting away with it until later being kicked out. they would do heinous things like grooming people while also still having respect from the same people that started to look daggers at me for some stupid twitter drama.

    and at this time, I realized I was making a fool out of myself from even trying to stay on the scene after all this clownery. last year I literally saw 2 people from the fandom being kicked out for being actual creeps.
    so I had enough of drama
    all the sonic related projects are now cancelled, and I pretty much stopped from engaging with sonic related stuff.
    specially on twitter. god that place is now a wasteland.

    now, I'm not embittered or seeking revenge, I just did what I had to do. Sometimes you got to value your time and energy, and distance yourself from anything that is causing you distress.
    I wish you all success on your sonic hacks and fangames. and I deeply apologize if I ever had done something that hurt or dissapointed you all.
    afterall, I was just another stupid kid trying to look cool online.

    take care.
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