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Discussion in 'Showroom' started by OrdosAlpha, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Of late, members are being very, very, fucking lazy when it comes to submitting their ROM mod/hack project. And I, for one, am fucking sick of it. From now on members will follow and obey the following protocol:-


    Just the name of your ROM mod/hack. Pretty straightforward.


    Tell us about your ROM mod/hack. Tell us what you've modified and/or added to the game, be it sprites, level art, level layouts, palettes, music, game code, or mixture of all 6. No one word answers or bullet point lists. We want to see background information on your project and be as detailed as you like, but don't be too bland. Only cover details of your project's history up to the point of submission. Do NOT include to do lists or information pertaining to things you plan to add in the future. If your project is a team effort, then mention the team name followed by the team members' names in brackets "()", if you don't have a team name, then just include the members' names. Also include any and all additional credits - if you used a specific program, then list it and the programmer's name. If you referred to a guide, then include the name of the guide and the author's name. Simple.


    All submitted ROMs must be properly named. This means no 's1built.bin' or 'abc1234.bin'. All submitted ROM images must be in the binary format (.bin). So no '.gen' or '.smd' ROM images. And absolutely NO patch files.


    We ask for these for a reason. We want to see any and all changes in game. Plus, we use them in the Showroom.

    Failure to meet any or all of these requirements will result in immediate rejection of your ROM mod/hack. Oh, and one important thing - remember to spellcheck and proofread your submission request before clicking the 'Submit Project' button. Badly written submissions will also ensure rejection. All staff decisions are final.


    Re-submitting an already rejected ROM mod/hack with little to no alterations will result in your account being suspended for up to 7 days. Making multiple submissions of the same ROM mod/hack will also result in a suspension of anywhere up to 7 days. Suspensions cannot be appealled. If you do contact any staff member regarding your suspension, said suspension will be doubled. Don't try to by pass a suspension by submitting again with an alternate account. You'll find yourself being placed in the Exile (banned) group and possibly IP banned.
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