SNOLF CD - A Snolf In Time

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    Thanks to the incredible efforts of Rubberduckycooly on the Sonic CD 2011 decompilation, I am pleased to bring you the latest instalment in the SNOLF romhack cinematic universe; SNOLF CD: A Snolf In Time.

    As with other SNOLF games, this hack replaces Sonic's ability to move with a golf-game mechanic, similar to the kind of thing found in games like Kirby's Dream Course. Sonic remains rolled up into a ball under most conditions, and can only be launched when he has come to a stop. The Rings counter instead counts how many shots you have taken, allowing players to compete to get the lowest score!

    This time, Snolf has been hurled into a world where the time-space continuum is a little less... rigid, and his dark powers have manifested themselves in an unusual way...

    Screenshots (in spoiler)

    When Sonic is at rest, press A, B, or C to begin your golf swing. A ring sprite will move left to right; how far left and right the sprite is determines the force that Sonic will be hit with, and the direction that he will move in. Press the button again to lock-in the horizontal force. You will then be presented with a similar display that controls how much vertical force Sonic will be hit with. Pressing the button in this state will lock-in the vertical force, and launch Sonic!

    TIME TRAVEL: By pressing A, B, or C, you control which time period you enter.
    A = Past
    B = Present
    C = Future

    Press and hold the A, B, or C button if you're rolling into danger to reset your shot. Shot resetting follows the same time travel rules!

    Install Instructions
    1. Buy Sonic CD (2011) from Steam - this release only includes decompiled scripts and replacement art. The rest of the assets need to be loaded from the legit release.
    2. Install Sonic CD in Steam.
    3. Navigate to the Sonic CD game folder (usually C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/<username>/SonicCD)
    4. Put all the files from the zip in that folder.
    5. Run SnolfCD.exe to play!

    1. Snolfing to the Past or Future at the very start of Palmtree Panic usually gets you stuck in a wall. Snolf in the present until you're past the big ramp at the start.
    2. This isn't compatible with the Sonic CD mod loader (yet?).
    3. Some menu options do not work. They weren't implemented in the decompilation at the time SnolfCD was built.

    A huge, huge, huge thankyou to Rubberduckycooly (and all other romhackers) for the extremely hard work on the Sonic CD 2011 decompilation. None of this would have been possible without that enormous step.

    Release Download: (Github) (Github) <--- Latest version!

    Release Page

    Made many fixes to issues caused by indirect function calls in things like the final boss and fixed visibility issues with the shot meter in Quartz Quadrant. Recent updates to the decompilation mean that I should probably update and rebase my changes to make the game more stable soon, and undo some of my hacky solutions.
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