SNOLF: Tournament Edition v0.1

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    It's back, and better than ever!
    That's right! SNOLF: The Sonic Golf Experience has been remastered and brought into the 2020 age with SNOLF: TOURNAMENT EDITION!

    Take control of SNOLF, the "Coolest Golf Ball", and snolf your way to victory with golf-like controls! No running and jumping for you - it's full-on bouncy ball action all the way!


    * Exhilirating (frustrating?) golf-style gameplay!
    * Three shot types: Putter, Regular, and Driver! Control your bounce!
    * Infinite lives!
    * Stuck? Use Shot Reset to go back to your last position!
    * Really, really stuck? Use Death Reset and take another try without restarting your console!
    * That's right! One controller, two-to-four times the fun!
    * Struggle together in Cooperative mode, or go head-to-head in a Competitive Showdown!
    * Don't have time for the full game? That's OK! Game Length options let you play only Act 1 stages or only Act 2 stages!
    * All-new updated graphics. Feel the blast processing!


    Press A, B, or C to begin your shot. The button you press will determine the shot type:
    * Button A: Putter. This shot type can't shoot you very far, but you'll have minimal bouncing. Great for tricky shots.
    * Button B: Regular. Your standard 9-Iron shot. You'll bounce off of walls in this mode, but still have soft landings.
    * Button C: Driver. Shoot for the stars! This shot type has a fast meter, but will allow you to bounce along the ground. Go the distance!

    Once you have begun a shot, the power meter ring will be displayed and begin moving.
    Press the button again to lock in your horizontal velocity, and the display will switch to show your vertical velocity.
    Press the button a third time to lock in the vertical velocity, and launch your Snolf ball!

    You can use the D-Pad to slow yourself when rolling, or to change which way your shot will initially face.

    If you are rolling into a bad position, hold the A button for 1.5 seconds to reset your shot.
    If you're really, really, stuck, press Start and then the A button to kill your Snolf ball and try again.

    It's simple!

    SCREENSHOTS (In Spoiler):

    snolf_te_v01.bin - GitHub (Source Code)


    SonLVL - MainMemory
    Debugger & Error Handler - Vladikcomper
    Flex2 - snkenjoi
    The Entire Romhacking Community
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    Jul 8, 2021
    Why did I heard Neon Genesis Evangelion opening theme on the trailer? o_O

    Also, I hope that Razor & Zenon will play this hack.
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    Mar 24, 2008
    Well, I might not be good enough for ExtremeBehavior, but here's a gameplay video for everyone else:

    I really liked this hack! Except for the OOZ boss, I resorted into tricking Tails' AI by jumping over the gap for that one. I'm not totally satisfied of the outcome, but this will do for now.
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