SNOLF Zero - v0.3

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    SNOLF Zero
    the prequel
    Yes, yes. It has happened again. Sonic is once more thrust into the world and cursed to be a golfball.
    I'm sure by now you're all quite familiar with how this works, so without further ado:

    (in spoiler tag)

    When Sonic is at rest, press A, B, or C to begin your golf swing. A ring sprite will move left to right; how far left and right the sprite is determines the force that Sonic will be hit with, and the direction that he will move in. Press the button again to lock-in the horizontal force. You will then be presented with a similar display that controls how much vertical force Sonic will be hit with. Pressing the button in this state will lock-in the vertical force, and launch Sonic! Good luck!

    Press and hold the A button if you're rolling into danger to reset your shot.


    Once again (again), I continue to owe everything in this hack to the fine people who have been modifying this game over the years; in particular, the maintainers of the Sonic disassembly on GitHub, MarkeyJester for the tutorials on the M68k processor, vladickomper for their Advanced Error Handler and Debugger.

    ROM Downloads
    Github: snolfzero_v01.bin
    Github: snolfzero_v02.bin
    Github: snolfzero_v03.bin <--- Latest version!

    Release page
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    Extremely late to the party, but I just gave it a try. It doesn't seem to work in Gens, it doesn't even reach the Sega screen, at least for me. To record the following playthrough I had to take a savestate at the Sega screen with Fusion, and load that savestate in Gens.

    Without further ado, here is the video: (not my best, but eh, this is hard).

    And no, I'm not going to play S3&K next, I did try it and it's even harder.
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